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A coed summer camp in the pineywoods of Texas! Phone Icon Call 817.768.3854

Claire (1st yr on staff) attracts a crowd on Truckride - Caleb (2 yrs at camp), Katie (2 yrs at camp) and Maddie (5 yrs at camp) love them some Claire!

What To Expect

Here’s your Cliff Notes on what to expect in the summer camp job of all summer camp jobs.

Summer Rundown – Important Dates

Throw on the croakies – it’s summer time.

May 9-11 CIT Make Up Orientation REQUIRED if your high school releases late
May 19 Daddy Earl’s Work Crew
May 26-Jun 4 Orientation Part 1 (College Staff) REQUIRED
May 29-May 30 Family Camp Orientation
May 30-Jun 1 Family Camp
June 4-7 Orientation Part 2 (College & High School Staff) REQUIRED
Jun 8-Jul 19 Sessions 1 – 4

Our Beliefs

MISSION: Love the kids


Day In The Life

6:50am SOJ (Spiritual Orange Juice/Devotional) – leadership development/personal growth time
7:30 Staff Meeting – a very fun time together to start the day!
8:00 Flag Raising – Sing with your cabin!
8:20 Breakfast
9:15 Cabin Inspection
9:50 Your Morning Activity – you’ll man one activity while three groups rotate to you
12:20pm Lunch – Put on your dancing shoes!
1:00 Rest Period
2:25 Your Afternoon Activity
5:30 Dinner
6:00 After-Supper Free Time – spend quality time with your kids
7:30 Night Activity – our family gets together for old fashion fun
9:30 Cabin Time – join your kids in some meaningful, and sometimes silly, time together
10:30 Lights Out
Stella (2 yrs at camp) gets some QT with Kelsey (7 yrs).

Opportunities For Growth

Sure, your primary purpose at Huawni is to love the kids, but one big plus is you’ll get to continue to grow into the leader that God created you to be. It’s leadership development at it’s finest. You’ll push and sharpen yourself in ways you never thought possible. And on top of everything, you’ll make some of the most incredible friendships and memories, ones you can’t soon live without. When summer is over, you’ll experience an unexplainable joy…really!

Counselors rated their “overall summer experience” a 4.4/5

SERVE Team (Counselors In Training)

SERVE Team is one of the most incredible pre-college summer programs. It’s specifically carved out for our Counselors In Training (girls and guys going into their senior year of high school are eligible to be a CIT). Through the SERVE experience, you CITs not only learn how to love your kiddos and lead a cabin, but you also serve Camp and learn a lot about yourself in the process. SERVE Team is extremely hard work — you’ll do everything from cleaning bathhouses to building bonfires. But the cool part is the leadership development piece. Each day you’ll huddle up with your SERVE crew and tackle one big life lesson, which helps you really sharpen yourself as a leader. Are you wanting to be pushed into being the best you can be? Do you want to know what it means to really die to self and serve Camp? Then SERVE Team might just be a perfect fit for you.

The summer y’all gave me was THE best summer. Through Serve team I was able to raise my confidence and teach myself to work hard and enjoy life.

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