50th Anniversary Celebration Coming Up!

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That’s right— Camp Huawni is alive and well. SAVE THE DATE for August 1, 2015, when we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary. We want you to be a part of this once in a lifetime weekend! Be sure and update your information above so that you can stay in the loop about Camp Huawni’s 50th birthday.

You will be glad to know that so many Huawni traditions still live on. Counselors still dress up in Playday attire as they prepare to get smacked in the face at Pie In The Eye. Mike still tells stories on Saturday night at Cookout and sings “Summer” just before the Camp song. And most importantly, kids’ lives continue to be forever being changed summer after summer.

Before we meet in 2015, we’d like for you to travel back in time to the Pineywoods just to experience for a moment a little Huawni magic. Watch this video as we take you back home.

Time to see what’s going on at Flagpole Hill!

Getting Caught Up

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