Our Assistant Directors are ready for YOU!

This team of five will lead our Summer Counseling Staff to make this summer one for the books!

Meet Them Now

Camp Huawni AD’s are the heartbeat of the entire summer.

Who is Camp Huawni?

Family-owned and operated since 1965, Camp Huawni invests in your child’s life for the long-haul.

What Sets Us Apart

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Camp Huawni— it’s more than summer camp, it’s a developmental opportunity.

Listen to actual letters home from Huawni Campers.

Letters Home

KIDS: want to see what you get to do this Summer?

We still have a few bunks left!

Show Me

Hang on as you fly on the trolley—a Camp Huawni favorite.

What Happens At Camp During The Spring?

We are constantly improving Camp Huawni and we are liking what we’re seeing

Check It Out

Camp Huawni has been on the same property for 50+ years. Check out what we are doing to prepare for YOU this summer!

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