Opening & Closing Day

Opening Day – Better Than Christmas Morning!

Don’t be surprised if you’re stopped on the Camp road by some crazily clad characters or if your car is bombarded by over-excited super heroes; Opening Day is the one day you won’t forget to circle on the calendar.

Opening Day Skinny

2pm Start Time
Gate Opens at 2pm for Group A, 2:30 pm for Group B, 3pm for Group C, and 3:30pm for Group D
Check-In Group – You’ll get your group letter (A/B/C/D) a few weeks before your summer camp session begins. Groups are assigned based upon the order you signed up for summer camp.
Cabin Assignments – Campers, you’ll find out what cabin you’re in and who your counselors are when you pull up to our Hello Sheets station.

Opening Day Order Of Events:

1. Hello Sheets
2. Hug Counselors in Front Yard and LEAVE luggage
3. Check in at the Dining Hall
4. Get your picture taken at the shade tree
5. Go to your cabin and claim your bunk
6. Press play on the summer!!

Closing Day – Smiles & Tears

Closing Day is bittersweet – you get to embrace and share Camp with your parents while saying goodbye until next year to your best friends. We like to say, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Closing Day Skinny

Parent Arrival & Check In 10 am
Step 1
head to the Dining Hall to check out.
Step 2 if arriving before 11am, load up your kids’ belongings.
Step 1
at 10:30am meet with campers and counselors for Final Pow Wow on Flagpole Hill.
Step 2 meet parents at 11am in Dining Hall for Closing Ceremonies.
Leave Your 2nd Home 12pm
Only 350 days until Camp!!

The only thing cooler than driving to Camp is flying to Camp. For you families that coming by plane, find out the details here:

Air Arrivals

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