More Than a Summer Job

Our desire is to see you leave our gates knowing your true significance and purpose. Ever want to be part of something truly special? Ever want to make a lasting difference? Are you looking for a summer job that will open up endless opportunities post-college? If so, applying to be a Camp Huawni counselor may be a great next step for you.

Huawni counselors rated their overall experience 9.3 out of 10.


Huawni counselors come to camp for one simple reason – to love the kids (LTK). Counselors who are selected to work this summer job are passionate about investing in youth, driven, live out integrity (especially away from camp), are teachable, and most of all, know how to have crazy amounts of fun!

This is an opportunity to be with your peer group for an extended period. To develop relationships with staff + campers from a wide national to international level. Getting up early, acclimating to the heat. The reward…making relationships that are priceless. To be able to look back + see you were able to interact and lead a diverse group of youngsters. – Jim, 2016 Staff

Our Beliefs

In a world where “anything goes”, Huawni counselors thrive in being called to a higher standard. We believe in being a role model to children, especially as it relates to the choices we make when we’re not at camp. We believe in submitting to authority, knowing that people actually do love and care for us and want to see us grow. And finally, we believe in being teachable, knowing that there’s a lot we don’t know; we’re willing to let others who love us speak into our lives.

We'll Call You! One of our directors will be happy to give you a call

What makes Huawni special? Everything we do points back to our core values. Here they are.

We believe…

Does your heart beat a little faster when thinking about making a lasting difference in the life of a child? Have you pictured yourself working at one of the best summer camps in the southwest? Are you looking for more than just a summer job?

If so, what better way to say “Welcome” than to introduce you to our 2017 summer staff?

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