Cooper H. (6 yrs at camp, 2nd generation camper) can't wait to figure out his cabin! Rolling into camp with a decorated car could win you a free t-shirt.

Camp Cabin Assignments

Hot dog! Isn’t it cool to think you’ll soon get to be living with your best friends in your camp cabin! Each year your summer camp cabin will be filled with either boys or girls your age. On Opening Day we’ll give ya a Hello Sheet, Picasso’s version of a cabin assignment, that lets you know what cabin you’re in. Your cabin will be made up of 10 – 14 campers, and you’ll get paired up with 3-5 superheroes (a.k.a. Huawni Counselors).

You Get To Pick

When you enroll, you’ll also get to:

We make every effort to wave our magic camp wand to make these requests happen. Be sure if you make a bunkmate request to do so with someone close in age to yourself.

Don’t Know Anyone?

That’s okay – we spend a truckload of hours intricately knitting together the makeup of your summer camp cabin. We take into consideration everything (your age, hometown, years at Camp, counselor fit, etc.) to make sure that your cabin fits you like a pair of brand new Nikes.

But what if you have a birthday? How does that work in your camp cabin?

Birthdays & Packages!!

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