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12+ Life Experiences In Just One Bite

We want to exceed your expectations. It’s a lofty calling, but one we thrive upon. Here’s the neat part – we get to watch it happen every summer and are doing cartwheels over the possibility of exceeding your child’s expectations this summer. We recently asked a camp mom why she sends her son to camp. She said, “I send Payton to Camp Huawni because he gets a full dose of the best of life in just a few weeks. If he didn’t go to Huawni, it would take 12+ experiences over multiple years to get close to get the same thing.”

Quick Facts

Campers rated their cabin counselors a 4.7 out of 5 this past summer.

Why Camp Huawni? 7 Cracker Jack Reasons

1. Going to summer camp allows your child to unplug from technology (benefits of being outdoors).

The U.S. Department of Education found that academic achievement drops sharply for children who watch more than 10 hours a week of TV. At Camp Huawni, things like cane pole fishing are an integral part of what makes Huawni special and non-techy.

2. Going to summer camp allows your child to be around positive role models who have a substantial impact on your child’s decision making throughout the year.

The U.S. Department of Justice found that when youth have role models, such as in their Big Brother/Big Sister program, their chances of initiating drug use dropped by 45.8% and their tendency to lie to their parents dropped by 36.6%. Last year we only hired 7.7% of new counselor applicants – role models at Camp Huawni are a cut above.

3. Going to summer camp allows your kids to enjoy the simple things in life.

You would be amazed at how much fun kids can have mud sliding, eating and being submerged in watermelon, and diving head first into a plate of whip cream and pickles. We specialize in simplicity.

Ryleigh (1st year at camp) canoeing with her cabin in our new Huawni Pond during their daily activities.

4. Going to summer camp allows your child to spread their independent wings.

Every summer we watch a handful of children go from homesick to overflowing with confidence. This is a major opportunity that every child must face, and Camp Huawni makes it easy for your child to score a big win.

5. Going to summer camp allows children to experience nature in a whole new way.

How many days a year do you spend each year watching a sunrise or sunset? At Huawni, we do everything in God’s big backyard and your kiddos discover nature in a fascinating way.

6. Going to summer camp allows your children to grow closer to their siblings.

Brothers and sisters many times will say “I love you” for the first time at Summer Tree. Huawni helps blossom sibling relationships.

Sadie and Henry M. have spent the last couple of years at Huawni together and it's allowed them to grow closer as siblings.

7. Going to summer camp allows your children to develop life-long friendships and memories second to none.

Camp is the fertilizer for true, authentic friendships.

Okay…okay…so you’re probably thinking, what’s the real purpose of Camp Huawni?

Our Purpose

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