Travis, our CEO and Head Director, sings to all of our campers after Fishing and making s'mores together. At Camp Huawni, simple fun is the most fun and this tradition is something campers look forward to every year.

Purpose of Huawni

Our desire is to see all campers and staff leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose.

Our Mission

Love your kids. We define love as accepting where one currently is and fighting for who they truly are.

We Believe…

Simple fun is the most fun.
We were made to play outdoors.
Rich tradition provides consistency in an inconsistent world.
Life is meaningful relationships.
True significance and purpose begins and ends with our Creator.

Statement of Faith

We believe that true significance and purpose is found in knowing and being known by Jesus. Campers are welcome just as they are at Huawni and there are no expectations when it comes to one’s spiritual background.

How Do We Make It Happen?

So how do we reach our goal of truly and deeply loving all your kiddos? While there’s no one combination, there are a handful of “key moves” that allow your child to flourish at Camp Huawni:

Huawni is all about belonging to something bigger than yourself. Special things happen when kids learn to team up with peers both older and younger.

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First Time At Camp

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