Purpose of Huawni

This may sound clichéd, but our purpose is super simple – love your kids. We do that by loving them unconditionally, just as they are.


Love your kids.

We Believe…

Simple fun is the most fun.
We were made to play outdoors.
Rich tradition reminds us of who we are.
Life is meaningful relationships.
True personal growth begins and ends with our Creator.

How Do We Make It Happen?

So how do we reach our goal of truly and deeply loving all your kiddos? While there’s no one combination, there are a handful of “key moves” that allow your child to flourish at Camp Huawni:

Huawni is all about belonging to something bigger than yourself. Special things happen when kids learn to team up with peers both older and younger.

Is this your first time looking at Camp?

First Time At Camp

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