What is Running Deer?

Tuesday, July 2nd 2019

Hey Huawni Families!

I’m sure you’ve heard some about the Running Deer Program, a program we started three summers ago to enrich our older campers Camp experience. This summer, our Running Deer Coordinator Danielle H. has been working hard to make sure that our Running Deer Campers have a special experience their last two summers as a Camper.

Our Running Deer Campers come out a little early to help make sure Opening Day goes as smoothly as possible!

“The Running Deer Program was created in 2016 to help create a unique experience for our campers going into 11th and 12th grade. These campers get to lead out while here and have fun! By challenging these teenagers to serve camp we are giving them a small taste of what being on staff is like- all while packing as much fun into their last two camper years. We hope that by making our RD campers last years at summer camp fun and full of growth, they will be able to get the most out of their Huawni experience.

I feel like I get to be a leader in Girl's Camp! -Ali S.

Depending on the day, you might catch Running Deer eating Whataburger for dinner, helping out our CITs in the Dining Hall, or leading group activities with our younger campers. With all the fun things Running Deer get to do it seems easy to forget that they also earn 20 service hours while at camp. By participating in both fun and rewarding activities, Camp Huawni has tried to create an experience and time of growth for all our older campers.

This experience is valuable for them by letting them lead in a safe environment- Camp.

Some of the things Running Deer do, even like eating burgers & fries, opens the door for intentional conversations.

With all the fun Running Deer has, we also hope they can grow in a safe environment. This experience is valuable for them by letting them lead in a safe environment- Camp. By pushing campers out of their comfort zone, they can grow and have fun all at once. Building up campers last two years at Camp Huawni gives them a special feeling of being poured into and pouring into camp.

Whataburger for dinner? No complaints here!

It has been such a fun summer planning and organizing Running Deer this summer!
-Love and Inwauh Danielle H."

We are so thankful for our Running Deer Campers & the years they have spent at Huawni! If you have any quesions or want to know more, email

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