The CIT Perspective: A Priceless Experience

Monday, December 17th 2018

This blog post was written by former CIT, Skylar Sigler

My experience at Camp Huawni began this past Summer. I didn’t come in as a Camper so the first time I ever set foot on camp grounds was during CIT (Counselor in Training) Orientation, and while my fellow CIT’s either knew each other or the returning Staff, I knew no one. I was very intimidated, as you could imagine, and all I could think was, “What am I getting myself into?”

Yes, I was new to the Camp Huawni family, but that didn’t stop the rest of the Staff and campers from treating me as exactly that; family. Joining the CIT program was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It truly was the best Summer of my life! I was never made to feel less important than the other Staff members, and everyone was so uplifting and encouraging to us for the work we were doing.

The CIT program is A LOT of work. You get your hands, feet, and everything else dirty, depending on the day. You will likely never clean more dishes, toilets, or mirrors in your life, and when it comes to trash, the black truck will become your new best friend. It was absolutely the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced, and I loved every minute of it.

While CIT

I received so much love from my fellow staff members and from all of my campers, I never had time to think about anything other than how much fun I was having. Camp Huawni provides such a nurturing atmosphere and it teaches you more about yourself than any other job you could have coming right out of high school.

People have asked me if there was anything I didn’t like about my time as a CIT and I can honestly say there wasn’t. Whether or not people believe me when I say it, there was never a minute that I wasn’t having the time of my life. In the beginning, people often asked me, “Why would you do all that work with out getting paid?” Well, the answer is simple. The friendships I cultivated are reward enough and the experience was priceless.

CIT's get to participate in special events like Chubby Bunny!

This program is so fulfilling. Most people thought I was crazy for coming into this environment with no previous knowledge or experience, but I was never alone in my journey. This isn’t just work. This is family. I guarantee that your CIT summer will be one that you will hold above all others.

Love & Inwauh,

Skylar Sigler

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