Considering Working at Camp?

Wednesday, October 31st 2018

Working at Camp is as equally rewarding as it is difficult. We truly believe it’s one the best jobs a college student can have before venturing out into the real world.

Our Staff are the some of the best so we thought you should hear from them. On the fence about whether or not you should work as a Counselor this Summer? These guys know best!

“Huawni is definitely a unique experience for any college aged person because you’re able to really able to dive in and selflessly serve others in a time where life can easily be so self oriented. Plus the personal growth and connections you inherently make are irreplaceable and really do make a big impact on your life.” - Mackenzie, 2nd year staffer

“Camp is an experience that you will not find anywhere else. There are so many camps to choose from but Huawni is so, so special! The people that you’re going to work with and the kids that you’re going to form relationships with will impact you in ways that you can’t even imagine, and they’ll impact you forever! It never feels like work because you become so invested in the people around you. It’s definitely a summer full of fun and you will legitimately find your best friends here.” - Wren, 3rd year staffer

“Working at Camp Huawni will be the best thing ever. I can guarantee that you will never again have a job where you’re paid to have a good conversation at sunset with campers, where you’ll get to watch co-workers in silly costumes play capture the flag while being cheered on by screaming campers, where kids teach you the importance of friendship, patience, and being your silly, messy self. You’ll probably never work somewhere where you tear up as your campers leave and tear up while you drive away from work for the last time. You will spend a summer working and at times it will be exhausting but it will often not even feel like a job. Working at Camp Huawni is not only a great job, it’s one of the best ones.” - Betsy, 2nd Year Staffer

“Don’t hesitate to make the best decision of your life! Working at camp this past summer made it undoubtedly the best summer of my life. Not only did I have the time of my life and get to work with some of the greatest people in the world, but I also had the opportunity to make a lasting impact on kid’s lives, which is one of the coolest things ever!”- Luke, 2nd year Staffer

“If you’re even considering working at Huawni go ahead and do it. Working at a summer camp like Huawni is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have fun and impact the life of a child. There’s only so many summers you can spend making a difference in kids lives why not make this summer one of them.” - Danielle, 5th year staffer

“Life at camp offers a space for college aged students to wrestle with identity, ability, and truth. If you are considering working at Camp Huawni, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Am i ready to grow?
2. Am i ready to leave the summer a different person than when I came?
3. Am I ready to be challenged in my beliefs, my idea of myself, and my relationships with other people? “ - Anna, 5th year staffer

Want to be apart of our Summer 2019 Staff? Apply here!

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