Andrew (3 yrs at camp) pumps up himself and friends for Capture the Flag his first night back at Camp.

Why We Come

Our campers say it best. Here’s their video just for you!

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Friends Come To Camp Huawni

1. It’s cool to be yourself

Ever feel like you have to “fit in” at school? Well, at our summer camp you are a rock star for just being you. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone but who you really are.

2. You get to get out of the house and exchange your parents for superheroes (a.k.a. Huawni counselors)

Your Huawni counselors are the most fun people in the whole wide world, which makes Huawni the summer camp of all summer camps. You never know – they may just show up at your soccer game during the year…so keep a look out!

Counselors (left to right) Dylan, Grace, Brian, and Shaq try to hide their smiles during Opening Night Show, a production put on by counselors for campers on the first night.

3. You get to see your best friends summer after summer

Ever wonder why 90% of your friends return to Camp Huawni? It’s because they know every summer that their best friends will be back for another magical summer camp!

4. You get to be a kid

Feel like you have too much going on? Soccer practice, band practice, homework, blah…blah…blah. Ever just want to play with awesome people? That’s what Huawni is all about and a BIG reason why your friends keep coming back to escape the real world.

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5. You get to play in one humungous backyard

100+ acres will be your backyard summer camp as soon as your Chacos hit the cabin steps. There’s so much space to play!

6. Find a new group of friends

Do you sometimes get tired of seeing the same friends over and over again? Or, do you sometimes wish you could have more friends with a different background? At Camp, you’ll meet your future college roommate.

Bella (10 years at Camp), Hannah (9 years at Camp) and Meg (10 years at Camp) laugh at the Saturday night cookout - They became best friends at Camp!

7. Belong to a special tradition

Whether it’s Sing Song, Tribal Competition, Play Day, Wild Woman Hunt, or Ms. Ada’s fried chicken, your fellow campers keep raving over these timeless traditions!

8. The Critter…“nuf” said

What’s the Critter?

9. To do stuff I can’t do at home

50+ activities, 50+ awesome counselors, and dancing on the table at meals are just a few of the things you can experience at Camp that you can’t do anywhere else!

10. To be at your best

Whether it’s pushing yourself to beat your best Obstacle Course (OC) time, helping your friends out and finding real joy, or learning more about the neat-o person God made you to be, you will experience being at your best at Camp Huawni. Get ready to smile – summer camp at Huawni is a rush!

So who is heading up this whole Camp ship anyways?

Meet The Directors

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