Camp Huawni is one big kids camp playground. We've got 500+ acres for you to run wild and free!

Map Of Our Kids Camp

Top 10 Places On The Map

This just in folks….your top 10 spots at Camp Huawni are…drum roll please…

10. The O.C. (Obstacle Course) Swing like Tarzan across the Pinson Creek!
9. Horned Frog Pavilion Where you’ll either laugh really hard or have the best conversation with your favorite counselor.
8. iPond / Canoes Where you become an expert canoe enthusiast and where Tuesday Night Fishing comes to life…a summer camp favorite!
7. Swimming Pool / Riviera Take a refreshing dip!
6. Archery Course Where you’ll give Robin Hood a run for his money! This is also near our frisbee golf course and where we have Summer Tree.
5. Dining Hall Where you get to dance with Miss Ada and also eat her love-filled food!
4. Soccer Field Tribal Comp soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, tug-o-war…you name it…it happens on the soccer field.
3. Flagpole Hill Start the day here with flag raising and end the day here with a quiet conversation overlooking campus
2. Front Yard (between Dining Hall & Girls Camp) Playday, Shaving Creme Fight, after-supper time, and so much more explodes on the Front Yard.
1. The Critter Pond Critter, slide, or trolley, Critter Pond Mixer…they all give you a thrill right here!

The Huawni Campus is located on land once inhabited by a small Cherokee Tribe called Huawni.

Off The Map

Because the backyard is so dad-gum big, there’s a handful of mystical spots that wouldn’t fit on our map. Here they are:

Finding Camp Huawni

Camp Huawni is a hidden, summer camp treasure in the heart of the Pineywoods of East Texas. Visit our directions page to find us, then come visit! We’d love to show you around; give us a ring, and we’ll schedule a proper tour of Camp.

Now that you know how to get to Camp and what it looks like, it’s time to see the nuts and bolts of a full day.

Show Me A Typical Day!

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