Wyatt (3 yrs at camp) makes his bunk feel like home on opening day and gets ready for his two weeks at camp!

Packing, Laundry, Luggage

Here’s our ultimate camping checklist for kids. Ready…set…go!

Your Summer Camp Packing List

Must Have Items

Trunk or suitcase (H 18")
A set of twin sheets and 1 twin mattress pad
1 Pillow and pillow case
1 Blanket
Towels and washcloths
Sweater or light jacket
2 Pairs of jeans (minimum)
Shorts, shirts, & socks (primarily daily Camp attire)
2 Pairs of tennis shoes
2 Swimsuits and pool footwear (flip-flops, etc.)
Church attire (shorts or jeans OK) – For 2-week sessions only
Toiletry articles, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and conditioner
Insect repellent
Water Bottle
Laundry bag (white mesh for washing clothes inside)
Cap or hat
Stamps and writing materials

We'll Call You! One of our directors will be happy to give you a call

Caroline (7 yrs at camp) makes her bed on opening day.

Optional Items

Fishing rod, reel, and tackle
Musical Instrument
Battery-operated clock
Battery-operated radio
Battery-operated fan Plug in fans NOT allowed

Mommy Won’t Be Happy If…


All packed?

Find Out About Your Cabin Assignments

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