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Is Camp Huawni accredited?

Camp Huawni holds two major accreditations as a summer camp for girls and boys— one with Texas and one with an outside accrediting agency, the American Camp Association. ACA goes beyond basic requirements for health, cleanliness, and food service into specific areas of programming, including Camp Staff from director through counselors, emergency management plans, health care, and management. ACA applies separate standards for activities such as waterfront, adventure, and travel.

Camp Huawni is also a licensed resident summer camp for girls and boys under the Texas Youth Camp Health and Safety Act. The oversight agency is the Texas Department of Health. The Camp is inspected regularly with its food preparation, water system, staff requirements, facility requirements, and health care guidelines to ensure a safe camp.

Where is Camp Huawni located?

Camp Huawni is nestled in a little safe-haven known as the Pineywoods, or more specifically, Shelby County, Texas. Our location is favorable as far as summer camps in Texas go – plenty of pine trees and lots of shade. We’re between the small towns of Timpson and Center, Texas, to be exact. By design, the campus is situated well off the beaten path on land that has been in the Adams family for three generations, going on four. Need directions?

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West Side (our oldest guy cabin) and their counselor, Thomas hang together on the Sunday Hike.

I’m looking at teen summer camps…is Huawni a teen summer camp?

Yes, part of our specialty as a teen summer camp is welcoming in teenagers who’ve never been to Camp Huawni and don’t know anyone in their cabin. We’d be happy to put you in touch with some other moms and dads who’ve sent their teenage daughters and sons to Huawni and seen them really blossom. They’ll likely tell you that Huawni is one of the best teen summer camps they know. Huawni is a great teen summer camp, and many of those teens have turned into outstanding counselors.

How far is Camp Huawni from where I live?

Camp Huawni is about 3.5 hours from Dallas. We are also about 3 hours from the Houston area. From Austin, it takes about 5.5 hours to drive to Camp and about 6.5 hours from San Antonio. In relation to other summer camps in Texas, we’re easy to get to. And, many of our campers are not from Texas and fly into several nearby airports. Check out the airport details here.

Where do the majority of campers live?

Kids literally come from all over to catch the magic of Huawni. For instance, we have kids come from places like Colorado, California, Mexico, Spain, and South America. That being said, a majority of our campers come from the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. We’re so close to Louisiana that we’re a top choice for summer camps in Louisiana. If you drew a big circle from Camp out to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Longview, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Nacogdoches, you would capture a good majority of the area where most of our campers live.

What is Camp Huawni’s faith affiliation?

Our desire is to see all campers and staff leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose, which we believe is found in knowing and being known by Jesus. Additionally, Camp Huawni has campers from various faith backgrounds. We regularly get feedback from parents that their children feel very comfortable at Huawni, regardless of faith background. Camp Huawni provides a natural opportunity for children to grow relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. To us, that means answering the two biggest questions in life— who am I, and what am I doing here? At Huawni, we encourage campers to be themselves and ask those two questions. Additionally, spiritual growth at Camp Huawni is something that campers choose to engage in. Our founders, Earl and Retha Adams, had a personal relationship with Jesus. The owners of camp strive to know and follow Jesus too, and our foundation remains in biblical truth. We believe that God is love and that ultimately, our mission of loving the kids translates into loving every child unconditionally and sacrificially. Our hope is that campers can confidently answer those two questions when their time as a camper comes to an end.

What are the cabins and bathhouse facilities like?

Our summer camp for girls (we call it Girls Camp) is located on the South campus and our summer camp for boys (we call it Boys Camp) is located on the North campus. Campers lodge at Camp Huawni in open-air, naturally cooled cabins. Each cabin is equipped with multiple fans. We allow campers to bring battery operated fans, but not plug-in fans. Sleeping is in spacious double bunk beds, and 8 to 14 campers are assigned to each cabin. There are usually 3-5 counselors that stay with campers in each cabin. Concerned about not having air conditioning? No worries – go here to see why it’s not a problem.

Bathhouse facilities are located just outside the cabins with two to four cabins assigned to a separate bathhouse. Showers are equipped with hot and cold water. Campers keep soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and personal items in a kit that they take with them to the bathhouse.

What payment plans are available?

Parents may choose to pay the balance for Camp in full by check or credit card or divide their payments out into an easy autobill payment plan of 3, 6, or 9 payments where a portion of the balance each month is charged. Camp tuition balance is due in full by May 15th. Payments begin as soon as you enroll, and you get a 100% refund before April 1st if you’re not able to attend Camp. After April 1st, no refunds are available but you can rollover your balance for a future summer (popular option).

What if we register and have a conflict and need to cancel?

Life happens, and we understand that fully. That’s why we offer a 100% refund up until April 1st each year. After April 1st, you can rollover your balance for a future summer.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes and yes! For returning campers, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for our RCD (Returning Camper Discount), which gives you the exclusive right to save a bunk for next summer, lock in this year’s pricing, and save hundreds of dollars. We make it easy on closing day to sign up for RCD, which has a hard end date on September 15th. Open enrollment for new families begins on September 16th. We encourage first-year families to enroll online prior to September 16th so that you can be put first in line on our waitlist. When you enroll, you’ll automatically be waitlisted.

For first-time campers, we offer an early bird discount once you request information on our website. Be sure and check your email (the one you originally requested information from) to see if/when this is available. Only one discount is allowed per family.

Do you have scholarships available?

We do have scholarships available that are awarded based upon merit. Scholarship recipients are chosen through the CHAA (Camp Huawni Alumni Association) Board in April of each year. If you’d like a scholarship, please email the camp office.

What if my camper wants to bunk with a friend?

You may make a request during the online enrollment process for your children to bunk with friends. If friends are close to the same age we usually can put them together if we know ahead of time. If there is quite an age difference, it is more difficult.

What kind of footlocker/trunk should I get?

The most popular and practical Camp luggage is the foot locker. It is handy, slides under the bunk bed, and can take moderate abuse. Suitcases are acceptable as well. Please label all clothes and belongings. There is no way for the Camp staff to ensure that items are claimed if they are not properly labeled. To find a footlocker trunk, clothing labels, laundry bags, or anything else that you might need for Camp Huawni, Everything Summer Camp is a great place to find it. If you find something you need, use Promo code trail295HN for extra savings! Parents, please feel free to send care packages to your children while they are at Camp. Visit to find care packages already prepared for you!

Do I need money?

Attending Camp Huawni is also one unusual instance where you don’t need money! In fact, our currency as a summer camp in Texas is kids’ smiling faces! Snacks and meals are covered by the Camp tuition. Camp wear purchased during the session, stamps, and emergency items (lost toothbrushes, etc.) can be charged and paid for by parents on closing day.

Policy On Personal Property

Camp Huawni is drug, alcohol, and tobacco free camp. Any possession and/or use of these will be grounds for removal from camp, both for campers and counselors. As far as personal sports equipment, the only item campers need to bring to camp is a tennis racket if enrolled in tennis. Campers may not bring their own vehicle and will not be driving at camp. Also, we do not allow pets at camp. If you have further questions about personal property, please give us a call at the camp office and we’ll be happy to help.

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