Families make Camp Huawni Family Camp an annual tradition.

Our Philosophy

Our goal with summer camp at Camp Huawni is to come alongside you, as parents/guardians, and partner with you in the development of each child on an individual level. We believe that by doing this, true and long-lasting growth happens because we meet your child where he/she currently is and help them to overcome real-life obstacles that they may face at both summer camp and at home. We do not treat children as part of a whole, rather, as one individual with unique gifting and areas of growth. With that being said, here are stories of some Camp Huawni families that have experienced our partnership and thus, their child(ren)’s development.

Camper Family Stories

The Prince, Daly, Geletka Families

The Nunn Family

The Taylor Family

The Elrod Family

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So alright, let’s pack for Camp!

Preparing For Camp

Do you or someone you know need financial assistance with getting to Camp? If so, check out our Scholarship Program:


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