Welcome Parents!

Welcome parents! We are very excited that you found us.

Making a decision on sending your most prized possession to a sleepaway camp is a big deal. There are plenty of overnight summer camps out there, and for the next few minutes, we’d like to clearly articulate how we’re unique and how Huawni is more than just summer fun for kids. We know you have tons of questions, and we are here to answer them. We built this site with you in mind!

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A great and easy way to learn more about Camp Huawni is by talking to other moms and dads whose kids are currently reaping the benefits of the Huawni experience and our sleepaway camp. Our camp families range from Texas to California to South America, and we’d love to connect you with them so that you can better understand the real value of your child growing up in the Pineywoods. If you’d like to connect with any families in your neighborhood, give us a call (936.657.1982) or email us.

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