Fostering Confidence and Independence at Summer Camp

Monday, October 29th 2018

“Let me do it Mr. Billy” is a phrase that will be ingrained in my head forever as I think back to some of my favorite times as a cabin counselor at Camp Huawni. Growing up, Summer camp wasn’t a place where we (me and my friends) had to do things on our own but it was a place where things were handed to us and we simply got to enjoy all the amazing amenities. While I loved my time there and believe it changed my life, I believe there is something special about the culture that Camp Huawni provides and it is something that I believe makes it one of the top rated Summer camps in Texas.

There truly is no better place to build your child’s confidence and independence than summer camp.

Campers get to practice responsibility and independence during Cabin Inspection.

Every day at camp we have the amazing opportunity to bring your child out of their comfort zone and give them the chance to grow in their confidence and independence. Starting with cabin inspection, we value hygiene and cleanliness to a high degree. Some of my favorite memories as a cabin Counselor came from cabin inspection. It seemed that at the beginning of a session in a cabin filled with 12 campers around the ages of 6 and 7 years old that the cabin was a complete nightmare. However, after cleaning repeatedly each and every day and teaching them how to use things such as a broom and a laundry bag, slowly but surely they began to become independent and confident in their ability to clean without my help. That is when I would hear phrases such as “Let me do it Mr. Billy” as they would take the broom out of my hand.

We allow kids to try these on their own at activities!

Fast forward throughout the day, Campers have amazing activities right in their backyard as they can try their hand at our High Ropes course and giant swing, the Critter (blob), and so much more. Our Ropes staff and lifeguards are trained extensively on facilitating a great experience while your child is participating in those activities and have the opportunity to walk with your child every step of the way. Seeing confidence build right before your eyes, the unstructured play that Camp Huawni provides for your child leads to not only a boost in confidence and independence, but self discovery all while at Camp.

There truly is no better place to build your child’s confidence and independence than summer camp. Here at Camp Huawni, we believe that sending your child to sleepaway camp is an investment that will continue to have an impact on them long after they leave our gates. We can’t wait to see how our campers grow this next summer!


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