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Tuesday, March 5th 2019

One thing I feel we can all agree on is the fact that it is such a good feeling to get something new. Whether it is a new pair of sneakers, a new car, new socks (maybe that one is just me), or a new toy, there is no better feeling than getting something new. The same is true for us even at summer camp! As we look to make Summer 2019 the best one yet and give kids of all ages the best sleepaway camp experience possible, what better way to do that then by adding some new activities and making existing ones better than ever?

This summer we are excited to bring three activities to the surface and make them the best of the best in East Texas. First, our Mountain Biking Program will be getting a massive upgrade with the addition of brand new trails that take you all around the hundreds of acres of piney woods.

Who's ready for new Mountain Biking Trails?

Second, our Huawni Pines Frisbee Golf course will be getting a much needed facelift and will take you all the way around main camp as you seek to avoid the Snake Pond, the crosswind of the front lawn, and much more. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to play the new course!

Last but certainly not least, Huawni Pond will soon have a shiny new feature waiting for you to jump on, slide down, and hang out with your friends on! Giant water inflatables, trampolines, and slides will inhabit the waters of Huawni Pond and will make it an amazing morning or afternoon for everyone involved.

How COOL is this inflatable obstacle course!?

You will not want to miss the opportunity to explore these amazing activities this summer at Camp Huawni! See you soon!



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