Alumnus Steve Lackey goes cross eyed as he prepares for a pie in the eye!

Get Plugged In

Camp’s no fun unless you’re the one that gets to chase the minnows, throw the pie, capture the flag, or coral the armadillo!

Step 1 – Write Your Name On The Wall

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Step 2 – Join Your New Cabin


Your new cabin assignment is CHAA (Camp Huawni Alumni Association). CHAA has been up and running since 2005 and is growing quickly. As a part of CHAA, you’ll get to be part of their three-part mission: fellowship, scholarship, and maintenance. Plus – you’ll get the bi-annual newsletter updating you on alumni happening. Whatcha waiting for?

Step 3 – Fill out the CHAA Membership Form

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You may email CHAA Membership Forms to

Pay by PayPal
Annual dues for married couples: $85

Annual dues for Age 23 and over: $50

Annual dues for Ages 18-22: $25

Step 3 – Stay Connected & Invest Back In Camp

Want to keep up with latest and greatest on what’s going on in Shelby County? To make sure you get updates, be sure and subscribe via email here. Scroll half way down this page and click the blue subscribe via email button.

And finally, there are unlimited opportunities as an alumnus to give back to camp.

Want To Give Back?

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