Kalee (1st year at Huawni) rides around the Piney Woods of East Texas during a typical day at Camp Huawni

Typical Day at Camp

Activities For Kids Like You Are Just The Beginning

A typical day at camp is a bit of an oxymoron. Think of it this way— replace your parents with way cool big brothers and sisters who love hanging out with you, throw in 6 daily activities for kids just like you, and add one giant party at night with your best friends. Voilà…there’s your typical day at Camp. Actually, we do a whole lot of work so that all you have to do is be yourself and have fun…pretty cool, huh?

Our Secret Recipe – The Daily Schedule

Spontaneity is the secret sauce to your camp schedule. Check out a few sample schedules to see why your days at camp will kick like a fresh jalapeno!

1st Tuesday – Session 2

8 am Flag Raising – sing to camp and learn the action of the day!
8:20 Breakfast – camp food done great…Bacon & Eggs, Toast & Fresh Fruit
9:15 Cabin Inspection – you’ll soon find that cleaning is cool
9:50 Activity Period #1 – Critter!
10:40 Activity Period #2 – Arts & Crafts
11:20 Activity Period #3 – Canoes
12:20pm Lunch – Pizza & Salad, Dancing on the Table
1:00 Rest Period – write home to Mom and laugh with your cabin
2:25 Activity Period #4 – Swim
3:10 Break – energy drink!
3:40 Activity Period # 5 – Archery – one of several adventure activities for kids just like you!
4:20 Activity Period #6 – Obstacle Course (OC)
5:30 Dinner – Baked BBQ Chicken and Vegetables
6:00 After Supper/Free Time
7:00 Night Activity Cane Pole Fishing/Canoeing/Smores/Sing Song
9:30 Cabin Time & Midnight Snacks!
10:15pm Lights Out
Luke (4 years at camp, 2nd generation camper) gets ready to take a big bite of his s'more after Fishing.

Sunday – Session 3

8:30 am Breakfast – camp food gets better…Pancakes & Fruit!
10:15 Sunday at the Little Red Church
12:00pm Lunch – BBQ Sandwiches & Ice Cream
1:00 Rest Period
2:25 Sunday Choice (Famous Sunday Hike, Movie, Swim, Critter Pond)
5:30 Dinner – Lasagna & Salad
6:00 Extended After Supper Time With Friends
8:30 Night Activity The Ultimate Water Balloon & Shaving Cream Fight
10:00 Cabin Time
10:30 Lights Out

Free Info About Camp What does a normal day look like at camp?

Brett (6 yrs at camp) sends his buddies airborne on the Critter (blob)!!

Thursday – Session 3

8 am Flag Raising
8:20 Breakfast – Cinnamon Roles, Cereal, & Fruit
9:15 Cabin Inspection
9:50 Connect (pick any activity you want with your favorite counselor!)
12:20pm Lunch – Chicken Fingers, Green Beans, & Salad
1:00 Rest Period
2:25 Connect – more activities of your choosing
5:30 Dinner – camp food with a touch of spice…Fajitas
6:00 After Supper / Free Time
8:00 Night Activity Celebration!
9:45 Cabin Time
10:30 Lights Out

As you can see, your day is full of some really cool stuff. But, you’re probably wondering, what is this cabin thing all about?

Take Me To The Cabin

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