Ella S. (1 yr at camp) can't wait to see what Opening Night Show is going to be like! Her counselors make all of camp laugh on the very first night.

Special Events

Every day is special at Camp Huawni. Every morning you’ll wake up busting at the seams ready to participate in Huawni’s special events and night activities.

Thank goodness we’re a sleepaway camp – some of your favorite activities are at night. Here’s a snapshot of the adventures that are awaiting for you this summer!

1. Opening Night Show

Laugh your face off as your zany counselors take the stage to present to you this year’s new Opening Night Show – a mixture of improv, skits, and extra summer fun. Be sure and raise your hand high – you might get to participate!

2. Capture the Flag

Tag your friends, save your cabinmates from jail, or just bob and weave your way to the flag circle! Warning – your counselors have been known to dress up pretty silly, so watch out! And yes…dancing is encouraged :)

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Henry (2 yrs at camp) screams as loud as he can to pump up camp for Capture the Flag!

3. The Ultimate Kids Triathlon

Ever want to do a triathlon? Whether you’re a pro or just want to get your feet wet, the Huawni camper/kids triathlon is maybe the most rewarding event both to be in and watch. Swim the length of the Critter Pond, bike 2 miles up and down the private camp road, and trot one-mile through the Pineywoods…you have what it takes!

Heat 1 jumps off the edge of the Critter Pond, ready to take on the Huawni Triathlon!

4. Cane Pole Fishing

One of our most popular, evening summer camp activities, fishing on a Tuesday night is more than your average cane pole fishing. Kissing a fish, canoeing, roasting a marshmallow, laughing at your counselors as they compete in Chubby Bunny, and Sing Song around the campfire are all part of this chill and fun-filled event.

Zoe M. (8 yrs at Camp) and Lydia E. (7 yrs at Camp) are surprised when their fish keeps wiggling after catching it with a cane pole!

5. Phantom’s Play Day & Huawni Uprising

Crazy Counselors, Pie In The Eye, & Camo

Just think, you wake up, like every morning, headed to Flag Pole Hill to start your day at Camp. Then, all of a sudden, you hear this funky 70’s music…some song called “Chicken Train,” and all of the sudden your best friend gets snatched up by a counselor and tossed in the pool! This is only the beginning of Playday. Girls Camp, you’ll spend your morning tossing pies in your counselors’ face, chasing minnows in the swimming pool, and mercilessly pouring ice water on your counselors’ back. Boys Camp – break out your camo paint for the famous Huawni Uprising, a giant capture the flag game in Pineywoods where open pine cones serve as your ammo.

Pie your favorite counselor and more during Playday!

6. Connect Days

Your Favorite Activity, Over and Over Again!

Want to do Critter all day? Go for it. Connect lets you do whatever activity you want with your best friends and counselors. No wonder Connect is one of the most anticipated summer camp activities at Huawni!

7. Talent Show

Bring your costumes, jokes, dance moves, and microphone. No crowd will ever yell louder for you than at Camp Huawni!

Ava E. (5 yrs at camp, 2nd generation camper) dances for all of camp to show off her talent.

8. Hike To The Carving Trees

Put on your swimsuit, and let’s head to the creek. You get to jump into a mud fight, eat (and throw…that’s right) watermelon, or carve your name in a towering beech tree next to a camper’s carving from 1968! This old-school hike is what makes Huawni one of the most sought after adventure camps in Texas.

Hike about 3/4 of a mile to a hidden spot on Camp Huawni ground to trees that have been carved by campers for 50 years. Then, cool off with a mud fight in the creek just below! It never felt so good to get so dirty.

9. Tribal Competition

A Big Fire, Unrivaled Competition, & The Golden Pinecone

Tribal competition is quite simply the one tradition you’ll never want to miss. It begins with Indian paint and a ginormous fire as you find out which tribe will be yours forever – the Caddo or the Tejas. Tribe members compete for the coveted Golden Pine Cone, and the winning tribe’s flag is raised on Flag Pole Hill until the tribes meet again next summer.

Tejas shout until their faces turn blue during our All Day Tribal Competition!

10. Cookout, Story Telling, Truckride, & Wild Woman Hunt

Stretch out your blanket and lawn chair and come karaoke with your friends – it’s time for Cookout & Wild Woman Hunt! After scarfing down a famous Huawni Hot Dog and listening to Mr. Mike tell the story of the Blue Wolf, take a front-row seat for an old fashion trailer ride through the mystical Pineywoods. And if you’re lucky – you might see the Wild Woman! PS – no feeding the wild woman.

Huawni is famous for our famous Hot Dogs during Cookout on Saturday.

11. Little Red Church

Sunday Mornings Have Never Been So Peaceful

On Sunday you’ll get to head down to the Little Red Church, quite possibly the most peaceful spot on earth. The Little Red Church is a wonderful safe-haven where you’ll get to hang out with God, sing to your heart’s delight, and see what grace is really all about. All of your troubles seem to fade away on Sunday mornings, and it’s an awesome time to just get away and “be.”

One of the best times to refuel during our 2-week sessions is during Church on Sunday. Travis speaks to us about what it looks like to be your true self!

12. Sunday Hike

Turtle Rock & Ice Cold Watermelon…A Piece of Art

They say, “Only the cool kids go on Sunday Hike.” Whether it’s a trek to the Indian Mounds, Turtle Rock, or Joe Shield’s old barn, Sunday Hike may soon make you a cool kid too. Put on your jeans, boots, and bring your walkin’ stick…it’s time for summer fun at it’s finest – Sunday Hike!

Sunday Hike is a popular choice on Sunday afternoon's. Campers and Counselors get the opportunity to explore over 500 acres of Huawni land!

13. Miss Huawni

Where Your Inner Beauty Shines

Girl campers – this is for you! Miss Huawni is the pageant of all pageants, where each cabin and tribal competition team elects a Miss Huawni representative to compete in this long-standing Camp Huawni tradition. Girls and their cabins are celebrated not just for outward beauty, but more importantly, for their intellect, love for others, and inner beauty.

Mallory F. (9 yrs at camp, 2nd generation camper) shows off her talent and wit during our Miss Huawni pageant.

14. Skit Night

The Spirit Stick & Ultimate Cabin Tradition

Whether you’re the lead singer of the band or a swaying tree in the background, there’s a significant role for you to play as you collaborate with your cabinmates in this smile-filled tradition. And here’s the cool part – WHEN your cabin wins skit night, you win the coveted Huawni Spirit Stick!

Swade S. (2 yrs at camp) shows off his comedic talent at Skit Night.

15. Slip & Slide & Snowcones

Pull out the giant tarp and liquid soap – it’s time for you to glide down Flagpole Hill! A snow cone to top it off when you’re done makes for your perfect day.

Maddie C. shows her excitement as she races down the slip n' slide on Flag Pole Hill!

16. Celebration

Crazily Clad Counselors, Coke Floats, & Dancing!

Watch this quick Celebration video! Think you’re walking into the Dining Hall?? Think again! Counselors transform the Dining Hall into a new, magical world every year as you’ll get to play carnival games, learn to two-step, and celebrate an unforgettable session with your best friends. Christmas in July, Nerds In Outer Space, and Under The Sea are just a few of the recent themes packed with summer fun. What will the theme be this year?? Only one way to find out!

Friday night we CeLeBrAtE! Dress up crazy, cool, and randomly out of this world! Not to mention all the fun games and dancing to keep you entertained for hours!

17. Summer Tree

Truth & Love Is A Cool Thing

For the first time, maybe ever, you’ll get to tell your brother, sister, or best friend how much you love ‘em. Summer Tree is an unforgettable camp tradition where you’ll gather with all of Camp around the famous Summer Tree as your heart speaks out. Only truth can be told under the Tree, and the smiles and tears you’ll share are a plenty!

18. Water Balloon Fight

Water, Shaving Cream, & An Occasional Flour Dusting To The Tune of Techno Music

We always say “simple fun is the most fun” at Camp Huawni, but it really doesn’t get any better than you chunking water balloons at your favorite counselor. Parents – don’t worry. We’ll keep your kiddos safe by keeping it out of their eyes, and we’ve got plenty of water hoses to wash them off. This night is simply “CRAZY SUMMER FUN”…we’ll see you at this epic battle!

The girls of Pine Top experience the ultimate summer fun activity and get creamed!

20. Cabin Traditions

Why You Never Want To Miss A Summer at Huawni

One of the COOLEST things about two-weeks at Camp Huawni is that you’ll get to dive head first into your cabin tradition. Each year, as you move up a cabin, you get to experience a new cabin tradition. For you girls, it could be a Princess Ball party after lights out, a late movie showing of Finding Nemo in the pool, a secret Sing Song getaway with your favorite counselors and Dr. Pepper, or the most famous of all – Last Year Campout! For boys, you might take a late night fishing trip, get assigned a special forces mission after lights out, go star tripping, go frog gigging, go on a private, special-edition hike, or journey through the woods to the ultimate Last Year Campout. One thing’s for sure – you will be spinning like a boomerang, excited to come back to experience your next cabin tradition summer after summer.

21. Tug-O-War

Mud Never Was So Much Fun

Picture your tribal competition counselors lined up with mud oozing between their toes. A ginormous mud pit separates both teams as the rope stretches tightly across it. Ready…set…TUG-O-WAR! Just when you thought Huawni couldn’t get any more awesome, you get to tug that rope! Yell for your tribe as you use every muscle in your body to win Tug-O-War points for Tribal Competition. And yes – one team will go flying in the mud pit…it’s mud milk after dinner!

Fight for your tribe during our intense mud-filled tug o war before cooling off with some snow cones.

22. 4th of July

Red, White & Blue All Over The Place

You’ll never want to spend the 4th of July away from Camp after you experience the joy that is the 4th at Huawni. Get your red, white, and blue get up on, break out the glow sticks, and watch the famous Huawni Fireworks Show sponsored by TNT Fireworks!

4th of July is celebrated best at Huawni Pond with Bomb Pops!

23. Initiation

Initiation is the climax of Camp, as 1st-year campers get to be initiated into the Tribe of Huawni. As you continue to come back each summer you’ll get to move up to a new tribal fire AND you’ll get a new piece of James Avery Huawni jewelry, only worn by campers who’ve come to Camp for so many years. Initiation is a solemn and meaningful end to Camp.

24. Sing Songs

Pull out the six string and mandolin, gaze up a the stars, work up your best howl, and join in with all of Camp as you’ll get to dance and sing the day to a close. Sing Song is the harmony of Huawni Tradition and takes summer fun and memories to a whole new level.

Travis sings all the classics to us during the crowd-favorite tradition, Sing-Song.

So where does all this stuff take place??

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