Huawni tradition dates back to the Huawni Indians, a small Cherokee Tribe that lived on land in and around Huawni's campus. Counselors from the 70's keep their Huawni tradition alive as they dress for Initiation.

Huawni History

In 1965, Earl Adams, or “Daddy Earl” as you’ll soon know him, strolled down a school hallway and said to himself, “Hmmm…I wish my students could experience something where they weren’t so tied down – a place where they truly could be themselves.” So, he cut some logs, built a few cabins, dug a huge hole for a swimming pool…and his kids camp, Camp Huawni, was born.

Founding Familes

Mike & Pam Adams

Mike and Pam met at Camp Huawni in 1972 and have spent every summer together since!

Pam is your official Camp mom. Pam Adams fell in love at Camp and married owner Mike Adams back in 1976. She’s fun loving, loves Huawni tradition and kids’ camping. You can find Pam taking jogs down the camp road and often listening intently to you about how your day went. Pam epitomizes Mark 9:35, which says, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” Pam is still in love with the husband and Camp she fell in love with so many years ago.

Mike is the one person at Camp you hope to have a conversation with. Mike has been an integral part of making Huawni the special safe haven summer camp that it is today, and he’s a huge servant and advocate for the entire Huawni family.

The Pat Adams Family

Pat and Linda's family has played a vital role in carrying on the Huawni Tradition.

Pat and Linda Adams have invested their lives into Camp Huawni, and over the years, have carried on the legacy that is Camp Huawni. Pat was a director for over 25 years and Linda played a huge role in serving camp over that same time period. Pat and Linda continue to support Huawni in various ways, and Pat is a member of the 50th Anniversary Pow Wow Committee. Pat is most famously known for his gainers off the diving board, driving the jeep during parasailing, and his life-giving laughter. Pat and Linda have three beautiful daughters— Kara, Dana, and Lesa, all of whom were campers and directors. Kara married Matt Gregory, and both served as directors in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Kara and Matt now have two boy’s, Grant and Ty. Dana married her TCU football sweetheart, Sean Stilley, and both are active supporters of the Camp Huawni Alumni Association (CHAA). Dana and Sean have two kids, Chase and Logan. Lesa married Steve Abney, who she met at Huawni. Lesa and Steve have a daughter, Evan Kaye, and both Steve and Lesa continue to valiantly support Huawni through the CHAA.

It Sure Is A Funky Word For A Kids’ Camp

Here’s a cool fact: the name “Huawni” comes from a small Cherokee Indian tribe that at one time called the camp land their home. In fact, you can even trek through the Pineywoods past the Pinson Creek and see two original Huawni Indian ceremonial mounds.

What Is The Huawni Magic?

Over the years, kids just like you have caught the “Huawni magic,” a fancy term for having the summer of your life – so special that it’s nearly impossible to explain.

The Huawni kids camp experience provides you with a unique bond – an experience shared by numerous others who have spent summers at Huawni, including National Football League coaches, songwriters, college athletes, business people, and even actors (like Matthew McConaughey).

A Select Few

As a special way to commemorate your time at Huawni, you will be given custom jewelry, personally designed by James Avery, after years 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Only those in the Huawni Tribe are allowed to wear it. No one else…

James Avery has been exclusively making custom Camp Huawni jewelry since the 1970’s.

As you move up in the tribe your jewelry shows off your dedication.

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Parents, Here’s Your Very Own Section

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