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A coed summer camp in the pineywoods of Texas! Phone Icon Call 817.768.3854

Bolt (1st yr on SERVE Team, 10 yrs at camp) volunteers for a makeover from Audrey (1st yr) and Kennedy (1st yr).

What Are You Good At?

Did you know that you are uniquely made to do something well? At Huawni, you experience our summer leadership program by using your gifts to love the kids.

You Might Be A Great Fit If You’re Good At…

I truly enjoyed being on staff this year. I never expected to love a place so much and be honestly sad to leave. It was the hardest and best job I have ever had. – Jordan B.

Other Neat-O Tools We Look For

Okay, so…if you’re thinking, “wow…Huawni is definitely for me,” you’re probably wondering…what next?

What To Expect

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