Sofia (2014 CIT) and Emily (4 years at Camp) wet a line during fishing night.

Counselors in Training (CIT)

The CIT Experience is an incredible opportunity to learn not only about how to be a top notch counselor but you will also learn about yourself in ways you haven’t imagined. Designed for guys and girls who have just graduated high school, it is a chance to introspectively grow alongside a group of other young people your age.

Why is the CIT Program an extraordinary college prep experience? You will learn how to:

  1. Respond well as a leader to people dynamics
  2. Confidently problem solve (i.e. future roommate conflict)
  3. Accept and act on constructive feedback in order to grow
  4. Take initiative and develop a healthy internal drive where you have ownership
  5. Build, adapt to, and deepen relationships with people different from yourself
  6. Accomplish tasks thoroughly at a high level/high quality
  7. Build a strong work ethic
  8. Tap into a rich Huawni Alumni network that could possibly land you your first job post college.

Still not convinced? Read this article on how this experience is maybe the most valuable way to spend your summer pre-college.
Don’t Work at Summer Camp. Get a Real Job.

Leadership Development

Our full-time Directing Staff invests in our CITs on a day-to-day basis in cleaning and leadership development. What do we mean by leadership development? It is a professionally designed course that is both experiential based and discussion based—we call them “huddles.” Throughout the summer, we expect our CITs to do two things: 1) be open-minded and communicate honestly and 2) serve and clean camp thoroughly.

The hurdles are very hard in the beginning but that is only because you have to break the ice at first. Then, you get to take a plunge into the good part of it. There is no doubt, it is hard work but it is totally worth it in the end. -Taighen, 2014 CIT

What Do CITs Do?

Our CITs are arguably the hardest workers on Camp with little recognition for all they do. We do that with intentionality because it is at that point where people truly learn what it means to love and serve others—when they love and serve without expectation of it being returned. CITs are the drive behind Camp, making it a place where kids feel taken care of. CITs spend their time serving camp and learning how to be incredible camp counselors.

Sendout Backpacking Trip

At the end of the summer, our CITs take one last “hoo-rah” on a backpacking trip in the mountains. Check it out!


Each day you’ll huddle up with your CIT crew and tackle big life lessons, which helps you really sharpen yourself as a leader. By the end of the summer our hope is that our CITs will be able to answer two questions: who am I? and what am I doing here?

Apply Now

Are you wanting to be pushed into being the best you can be? Do you want to know what it means to really die to self and serve Camp? Then being a CIT might just be a perfect fit for you.

Apply to be a CIT

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