Seven Ways We Keep Camp SAFE

This past summer I was asked by a first-year camper parent, “What makes Camp Huawni a safe place for my child?” What a great question. With all the great summer camps in Texas, what things can you really check out to make sure your child is having a fun but also safe experience? While there are no perfect camps, here are seven things we do to make Camp Huawni a safe place for your child.

1. ACA Accreditation

In addition to state health code requirements, summer camps in Texas and across the United States have the option to be accredited by some sort of camping authority. In our case, we are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). ACA accreditation means that we voluntarily participate in a thorough (up to 300 standards) review of our operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. Keeping ACA standards is a pretty arduous process.

Only about 25% of America’s 12,000 camps are ACA accredited.

2. 3:1 Camper To Counselor Ratio

The key to a great camp is and will always be the quality of the counselors for your kiddos. Obviously, the more counselors we have, the more time we’ll be able to invest in your child. The average sleepaway camp has about an 8 to 1 camper to counselor ratio. At Camp Huawni we have a 3 to 1 camper to counselor ratio.

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Another great question you may be asking is “What is the tenure of the counseling staff?” Most summer camps spend a good chunk of the off-season recruiting 50% or more of their incoming summer staff. This is a huge luxury for Camp Huawni as we have a great return ratio of counselors each year. In fact, being a Huawni counselor is so competitive that only 7.7% of new staff applicants get hired. Likewise, our cabin counselors have been coming to Huawni for an average of 7.4 years – we know them, their family, and their closest friends.

Huawni Counselors have spent an average of 4 years at Huawni already.

3. Two Fantastic Sleepaway Camp Guidelines

Two non-negotiable guidelines we adhere by are:
1. Your kids are always in groups with two or more counselors.
2. Nearly every special event and night activity are experienced with the entire Camp; counselors are assigned to specific areas and kids to make sure all campers are supervised.

4. Sanitation!

This is an easy one, but we make sure your child stays clean. Washing hands before all meals is a big deal – the last thing your child wants is to get sick and miss the 2nd and best week of Camp!

Your camper's safety is our #1 priority. We look above and beyond for our great RNs and nurse externs every year.

5. Bat Phone To The Director

Don’t hesitate to call us and ask specific questions about our safety guidelines. We get calls regularly, usually from first-year camper parents, wanting to know specifics about Camp Huawni’s safety procedures. We’d love to share how we do that.

6. Keep It In The Family

Continuity, as with any well-run organization, is a big deal. Our take— the more consistent, the better. Camp Huawni has been owned and operated by the Adams family since our beginning in 1965. Summer camps in Texas are known for setting the standard in continuity, and we strive to both meet and exceed that standard. Not having to change ownership has allowed us to continuously improve your child’s summer camp experience, and we see this as a huge “win” for the most important stakeholder at Camp Huawni— your child.

50 years and 3 generations in, Camp Huawni has stayed in the family since it began. You won't find this commitment anywhere else.

7. Easy Access To Other Huawni Families

One of the best ways to find out about whether or not our summer camp is a good fit for your child is to ask other Huawni families whose children have long since experienced the joy that is Huawni. There’s a reason that our campers return summer after summer, and we want you to find out why.

Okay, you’ve probably heard enough of our insight on safety. So what about real-life stories? What are kids and parents saying?

Stories from Our Campers & Parents

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