Why Am I Here?

Sunday, July 14th 2019

Sundays at Camp are special.. we try & pack in just as much fun as any other day, while still providing extra time of rest for all of Camp to take a breath as we head into the next week of Camp. Bryan G., one of our Senior Counselors this summer, wrote about this day of rest at Camp.

“After 5 years of being a Camp Huawni summer staffer, I have had my fair share of amazing summer camp experiences. These experiences are shared throughout each session quite evenly, but one day specifically is something extra special.. Sundays!

Sundays at Camp are by far my favorite day of each session! It’s a time of rest for both the Staff & Campers. Summers at Huawni are both hot & tiring, but our later starts (9am!) on Sunday allow for everyone to recover & reenergize for the next week. Not to mention, everyone is happier to have had an extra bit of sleep.

You can’t help but look around and take in God’s creation.. it’s such a simple beauty we sometimes take for granted.

After breakfast, all of Camp hops onto the trailers to head to the Little Red Church. Some people might tend to overlook this part of our Sunday, but this is one of my favorite parts. As we drive down FM 1645, you can’t help but look around and take in God’s creation. The trees swaying in the wind, to the pretty pink & yellow flowers on the side of the road.. it’s such a simple beauty we sometimes take for granted. This trailer ride also opens up the opportunity for everyone to get to know someone else a little better. The conversations range from sports, school, to the meaning of life. With how slow the trailer ride goes, it allows a lot of time for good conversation & great relationships. & relationships are what keep Huawni thriving.

The drive down Camp Road to the LRC gives plenty of time for meaningful conversation to happen.

Why Am I Here?

The cornerstone of Sundays at Huawni is church at the Little Red Church. We at Huawni believe that your true significance & purpose come through knowing our Creator. While we believe this to be true, we are not a “Christian summer camp”- we have Campers from all backgrounds of faith & belief. Overtime I think about what LRC has meant to me, I’m reminded of a specific moment from 2 summers ago. I was sitting outside of the LRC talking to a Camper, when he asked, “why am I here?” He was wondering what he was supposed to do with his life. Our conversation was cut short by the start of Church.

After LRC, all of Camp is given a moment to read their Bibles, journal, or reflect on the past week of fun.

As our skit team performed their skit, (coincidentally about his very question,) I could see the wheels turning in his head. After LRC, we had a great conversation about his new found understanding about true significance, (“I am unique”) & purpose, (“I have a purpose.”) Hearing him speak in confidence about what he had just hours ago been so confused about gave me a first hand look into the effect Huawni has. We want our Campers to leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose, and LRC plays such a large role in that.”
-Bryan G., 5th summer

We’re thankful for this day of rest & chance to breathe, but also thankful for knowing more of who we were created to be. What are you or your Campers favorite LRC moments?


  1. My favorite LRC memories include when girl counselors used to sing "May the Lord"; when Chris Watlington graced the ivories of the piano and sang worship songs, especially the time when he played Amazing Grace as Laura Putty walked down the aisle singing; when Pine Top sang as a cabin "Friends are Friends Forever" by Michael W. Smith, and quite gentle moments after church to take it all in and see Mimi and Daddy Earl's gravesite. — 8:11pm July 15th

    by Michael Anne

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