At Camp Huawni, we encourage kids to be kids!

Where Kids Get to be Kids

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

Blog Post written by Tim Krueger, Campus Director

The first two Core Values of Camp Huawni: Simple fun is the most fun, and we were made to play outdoors!

“Free Play: It’s one of the simplest things in the world. Letting your kids go run around, solve some problems by themselves without parents having to get involved. And we take that play part really seriously, because what we’re afraid of is that we have a generation that is always looking to authority and power to solve all of our issues for us.” - Greg Lukianoff, Author

I have the honor and privilege to work at Camp Huawni year-round. Granted this is a blog about “fun” and “play,” yet, for me, those are synonymous with work. I’ve been blessed with work. It’s what I do. Besides reading, binge watching old series shows and cooking for my family and friends, I love to work! It’s one of the ways I have fun. I get the chance to help kids actually get to be kids. In today’s society, that’s huge.

Each of us has grown up differently, with different backgrounds, beliefs, and education, but at Camp Huawni…kids get to be kids. I’ve watched the past two Summer’s, children learn to open up to the possibilities free play. I find it amazing that some kids are actually skeptical at their age that they have the freedom to have fun.

After Supper time is a perfect opportunity for kids to hang out with no schedule or agenda.

Whether it be jumping onto the Critter, getting bounced off of the Critter (very eye opening the first time!), swinging across the rope swing at the Obstacle Course, or relaxing in the sun in a Hammock at Huawni Pond, kids get to be kids at Camp Huawni. I love the fact that I have a chance to enhance those opportunities by making sure activities are safe and that kids don’t have to worry about anything while they’re at Camp, except to have fun.

See you next Summer!


- Tim Krueger, Campus Director

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