Tribal Teams Announced!

Friday, July 12th 2019

After Talent Show last night, we inducted 43 first-time two week Campers onto either Caddo or Tejas. I know you’re all excited to hear which tribe your Camper is on, so here it is!


*Harper F.
*Olivia L.
*Paisley B.
*Samantha H.
*Ashton M.
*Brennan B.
*Evan M.
*Jackson F.
*Ellie S.
*Erin A.
*Benjamin K.
*Boden M.
*Guerin F.
*Isaac B.
*Jett A.
*Thomas P.
*Emma I.
*Aaliyah W.
*Kimi S.
*Brody S.
*Parker S.
*Tyler S.
*Alexandra G.
*Sarah S.
*Michael W.


*Charlotte K.
*Mackenzie F.
*Grayson M.
*Griffin S.
*McGregor C.
*William P.
*Madison T.
*Mekenzie W.
*Duke C.
*Isaac F.
*Jonah S.
*Autumn M.
*Mejayla W.
*Madison D.
*Clayton R.
*George L.
*John Hayden B.
*Aidan G.

Tribal Gear

If you would like to order your Camper Caddo or Tejas gear to be dropped off to them while at Camp, please visit our camp store here.
We have limited sizes in our Caddo/Tejas gear, so act fast!

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