The Ones Who Make It Happen

Thursday, July 11th 2019

As we’re nearing the middle of Session 4, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the humans that make it all happen Summer after Summer…the Camp Huawni Staff! These young guys and girls have been at Camp since May 19th, busting their rears and sacrificing sleep to ensure that our Campers have the best experience at Camp this Summer.

Senior Counselor, Z hanging out with Ashton M. at Uprising!

It’s been really neat to see the growth that’s happened in the majority of our Staff over the last eight or so weeks. I’ve gotten a front row seat to all of it and can genuinely and confidently say that we are beyond proud of the Staff we have at Camp this Summer. We always say, “Summer Camp isn’t for everyone” and I think most of us could agree, especially those of us that have been on Staff at Huawni. We hold very high standards and expect the very best from them, despite the lack of sleep and A/C, the same meals Session after Session and the exhaustion that comes from Lifeguarding and running the Ropes Course every single day. At the end of the day, it’s for the Campers that enter and leave our gates every Summer.

Stepping into the role of a Huawni Counselor or any Camp Counselor job for that matter means putting yourself last. It means flipping the “on” switch at 8:00am every morning for Flag Raising because if we’re excited to be up, our Campers will be to (well, most of them). It means making even the most boring or hottest activity the best activity ever for campers. It means eating square pizza for the 11th time at Lunch and still getting just as excited so that maybe a camper that doesn’t love trying new foods will be more open to eating it. Oh, and it also means getting to dress up in crazy costumes just for the sake of Capture the Flag and Play Day (not the worst thing ever).

Mason encouraging campers at WBWS!

My favorite part about this job will always be the transformation and growth that occurs in Staff members over the course of the Summer. Why is this my favorite part of my job? Why isn’t it the campers that try new things or overcome homesickness? Because our Staff are the ones who make it all happen. They’re the ones that are in the valleys and on the mountain tops with your campers, walking alongside them, helping them overcome homesickness and encouraging them to try new things. They are our secret ingredient to what makes each Summer so awesome for your kids.

Parents and Campers, what are some reasons you’re thankful for our Counselors?

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