Addison S., Maddy M., and Britton A. in their Caddo Red!

The Competition Is On!

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019

This morning started unlike any other at Camp, but was a day packed full of competition, sportsmanship, & tribal red & blue. One of the biggest days at Camp, a day campers look forward to all year. Everyone suited up in their respective colors, red or blue, to kick off the famous, famous.. MOST FAMOUS…. All Day Tribal Competition!

Mark K. lining up his shot to make a basket!

What is All Day Tribal Competition?

All Day Tribal Competition is a day for all of Camp to come together and compete in events for their teams. Campers and counselors are divided up into two tribes: Tejas and Caddo. Campers compete in these 7 events:

  1. Soccer Kick Around the Pool
  2. Hotshot
  3. Obstacle Course Team Run
  4. Intertube Relay
  5. Huawni Derby
  6. Run for the Roses
  7. Tug-O-War
Stella S. dribbling for Soccer Kick Around the Pool!

Why do we love it?

ADTC gives kids a chance to be encouraged nonstop throughout the day, dig deep to push through challenges, be on a team and work together with all of Camp, and have fun! Here’s what campers and counselors have to say:

“It is fun to cheer everyone on and to have them do the same for me". -Andres C. (Camper)

“All Day Tribal Comp is fun because I can really get into it while being supported by friends on both teams.” -Amber M. (Counselor)

Oscar V. running to the finish line for OC Team Run!

“I love my team and I love competing. This is my last year, so I am giving my all in every event!” -Grace M. (Camper)

So how are the teams doing?

The tally from the morning shows that Tejas took the W for Soccer Kick Around the Pool and Hotshot, but Caddo came out victorious for OC Team Run. We are on our toes to see what will happen in this afternoon’s events!

What are you gonna say?

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