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The whole group in Henderson, TX!

Home is Where the Camp Party is--Henderson, TX

Tuesday, February 4th 2014

The Henderson House is one of my favorite places. It is the most welcoming, homey places I know and whenever I need to feel some deep love and comfort, I know the Henderson House is always there. The Adams’ definitely know how to be wonderful hosts with open arms at all times; it is the perfect dose of Camp in the winter months. The Henderson House and Camp Huawni both welcome anyone and everyone to feel unconditional, limitless amounts of love and comfort, freedom and escape. Just like at the Henderson House, whenever people step foot on Camp Huawni ground, the hard things in life disappear for a bit, it no longer matters what you look like, what you sound like, what you do for fun—you are loved simply because you are who you are. I have never witnessed kids experience self-confidence, empowerment, and love like they do at Camp Huawni; it was a joy to see that again in Henderson at the Adams’ Camp Party. So, thank you, Adams Family, for creating this atmosphere, for creating this place of love and comfort, freedom and escape.

The newest addition to Camp Huawni Sing Song!
Marie, Hannah, and Macy cannot wait to be back together again at Camp Huawni for Summer 2014!
Hannah (4 years at Camp) caught the magic in Henderson, TX!
Our Assistant Directors, Juanse and Kelsey, made it our to Henderson for the Camp Party!
S'mores for everyone!
Milee (4 years at Camp) and her mom, Amy, stop by the Henderson Camp Party

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Mike leading us in an all-time Camp favorite--Sing Song!

Long-Awaited Time in Longview, TX

Tuesday, February 4th 2014

What better place to get a taste of Camp than in Longview, TX on a Thursday night?! It was great to spend time with Camp Families in Longview and even got to see some of our A+ Counseling Staff. The night was lead by some of Camp Huawni’s originals—Mike and Pam Adams. We are so thankful for the Adams’ for making Camp Huawni what it is today and for the Brown’s for bringing Camp to Longview, TX. Cannot wait to see you all again in a couple of months!

Peyton (5 years at Camp) and Madyn (6 years at Camp) reminisce as they watch the session video from Summer 2013.
Juanse, our Men's Assistant Director, came all the way from Marshall to hang out with our Camp friends in Longview!

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The 5 Core Values of Camp Huawni

Friday, March 2nd 2012

Camp Huawni is a beautiful summer camp in East Texas, but for the rest of the year you can find our headquarters located on West Vickery in Fort Worth. We recently moved into the office space, and on a regular basis we are improving it to look and feel more like the summer camp that is our Second Home. Camp Huawni is rooted in 5 core values:

- Simple fun is the most fun.
- We were made to play outdoors.
- Life is meaningful relationships.
- Rich tradition reminds us of who we are.
- Real personal growth begins and ends with our Creator.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by! We’d love to see you before we kick off the summer back in East Texas.

 Ashley Hamilton, Administrative Assistant


“The 5 Core Values of Camp Huawni ” posted by at 3:23pm, March 2nd, 2012. Copyright Camp Huawni.

My Daddy Won The Miss Pinson Creek Contest!

Monday, February 13th 2012

Turn on the spotlights – roll out the red carpet – the stars gathered at The Huawni Film Festival in Henderson on last Tuesday night. It might as well have been a summer camp in East Texas, as twenty or so Huawnians and future Huawnians assembled in the yard of the Adams home for a rollicking “kick ball around the pool.”  Carter Pace and Taylor Corley captained their teams to a close finish (incidentally, Karyn Hill – Sterling’s mom – was the pool.)  Then the excited bunch went to the TV room and cheered the first film entry “KIT” produced, directed, and starred in by Hannah Howard.  The second film “BELIEVE” featured Addison Stanley, Milee Green, Addison Northcutt, Addie Hampton, and Ava Rockey – it too was a HIT!  And guess what – there will be coming a third film from the Henderson group – producing the yet to be released blockbuster are Addy Thrasher, Alyssa Pinnell and Kenlee Courtney.  All that they would say is, “We have a great idea! You will like it!.”  We cannot wait.

The kitchen was filled with Valentine cookies, popcorn, and cold drinks – just ask Marin Love – she LOVED the Valentine cookies.  Winning the prize for bringing the most friends to the party was Ava Rockey.  Way to go – Ava!

And now you are wondering about the title of the article – right?  Well, Addison Stanley just happened to mention that her Dad recently told her that he was the WINNER OF THE MISS PINSON CREEK CONTEST  when he was a counselor at Camp Huawni.  Yes, and he has pictures to prove.  So the next time that you see Phil Stanley, ask him how he looks in a girls two-piece bathing suit.  Beautiful!!!!

Here at the Adams House, we love you and we can’t wait to spend the summer with you!

Mike Adams, Camp Huawni Director

“ My Daddy Won The Miss Pinson Creek Contest! ” posted by at 3:08pm, February 13th, 2012. Copyright Camp Huawni.

Who Moved the Little Red Church to Longview?

Friday, February 3rd 2012

Huawni spirits were kindled the other night in Longview as tribe members gathered to recall memorable camp experiences and discuss heart-warming eagerness about the upcoming summer. The Pinkerton family graciously opened their doors to more than twenty guests. As we huddled on the living room floor to begin watching films, I reminisced starry nights shared with friends at sing song. I began to recollect what it means to be surrounded by my second family, the Huawni tribe, while sitting in circles on the fresh cut grass during cookout. That cozy living room in the Pinkerton house began to feel like a Sunday morning church pew at the little red church. It was as though each person in the room felt connected on a deeper level than just being at the same place at the same time. We were about to take a journey together. As the movies began to play on the screen, each of us took that left turn at the end of the camp road, passed the ever-present Camp Huawni sign. Once again, we knew what it meant to be ourselves and to be home. And in that moment, we shared something special. Whether six, sixteen, or sixty years old, each of us remembered the spirit, the love, and the magic of Huawni and how real that experience is every summer. Camp Huawni, although nestled in the Piney Woods 64 miles from where I was sitting, was surrounding me in Longview, Texas. Oh, those summer faces. And as I watched those around me, I saw the same flame inside each of them that I felt inside myself. A flame we all stoke throughout the year, like the summer sun that warms our summer hearts. The moment was perfect, and we shared it together.

But like all things must, it came to an end. Like pulling out of the camp road on closing day, back onto the pavement and dotted lines, we each said our goodbyes and returned to the real world. But I’ll maintain my own little flame. And I know that it won’t be long before I feel that way again. Opening Day is just around the bend.


Caleb Homer, Camp Huawni Director

“Who Moved the Little Red Church to Longview? ” posted by at 3:20pm, February 3rd, 2012. Copyright Camp Huawni.

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