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Huawni Families are here for the weekend!

Family Camp Day 1

Saturday, May 30th 2015

Family Camp 2015 got off to a great start. Despite all the hectic weather going on in Texas, we experienced sunshine and a very pleasant night and day here at Family Camp.

The sun broke through Friday and we’ve had sunshine ever since. Last night we hosted a cookout on Flagpole Hill while eating burgers and hot dogs and enjoying a very pleasant evening. Everyone then threw on their mud boots as we hiked to the Initiation Pond for some cane pole fishing. Again, the weather was beautiful. The bass were biting too. Most campers and families caught at least one fish. We ended the evening with a Sing Song around the Camp Fire. We played You Are My Sunshine, When I First Came To This Land, Salty Dog, Froggy Went a Courtin’, Wagon Wheel, Shelby County Breeze, and the Camp Song.

This morning we started the day with a traditional flag raising, and then our parents had the pleasure of hearing from Dr. Chris White (with help from John Marek and Mike Adams). Chris led a discussion on vulnerability and how it plays a role in us experiencing more rich, impactful relationships. Families rotated between regular activities this morning, and then this afternoon we went on a hike to the Carving Trees. Thanks go Juanse and crew we had ice-cold watermelon waiting for us after a mud-filled afternoon in the Pinson Creek.

Tonight we’ll be having Family Skit Night, a truck ride, and Sing Song at the pool to complete this beautiful day in the piney woods.

I’m excited to get more time this evening with our first-year families. It seems evident that all our families are having a terrific, fun, and restful weekend.

Family Camp is a time for us to serve our Huawni Families and get kiddos a taste of what two weeks is like here.
Marshall blows the siren with Kelsey as a fish is caught
Michael and his daughter Allie get some quality time together
Danni & Paige broke in our new cane poles while fishing at the iPond.
Marshall expresses the joy of eating a s'mores after fishing.

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Our families gather around the fire for some s'mores as the sun set over the Pineywoods.

Rainy Day Family Camp Fun

Saturday, May 31st 2014

Wow, this Family Camps is definitely going down as one to remember. With all the rain, you worry about how everything will turn out. But, the rain has only escalated the fun and uniqueness of this weekend.

Last night we enjoyed Ms. Ada’s juicy hamburgers at Cookout. We then headed to the iPond for some cane pole fishing. Henry M. won first prize catching eight fish! We ate s’mores and enjoyed what turned out to be a beautiful night.

Charlie and son Ben wet a line on Friday night.

This morning at about 7:40am the floodgates opened and it began to pour down rain. Thanks to our ever so clever staff, we had a backup plan. As the rain continued to fall, counselors organized a huge mud slide and shaving creme fight. Pretty soon, parents and kids were no longer concerned about the rain— it was a beautiful site! I guess this is why we say “simple fun is the most fun”. After lunch, the clouds lifted and we hiked to the Carving Trees. Pete and company fed us ice-cold watermelon, and both parents and kids jumped in the Pinson Creek. The water was pretty cold, and the creek was running higher than usual because of the down pour.

We did all kinds of activities in the rain today, including blowing bubbles.

After supper, we hosted our Family Camp Skit Night. The Howard Family ended up taking home first place with their music medley and dancing to several Frozen Songs. They’ve officially taken the title from the Mayfield Family; Mayfields, we expect you to make a run at it again next summer! Again the rain began to poor, so we rolled out the carpet in the Dining Hall and had Mr. Mike lead us in a sing song. I played Red House and Wagon Wheel, and Colby Miller also got in on the action, playing “Buy Me A Box”.

It was a full day, and most everyone, myself included, are ready for bed. Staff is circling around campus as we speak delivering milk and cookies before we all call it a night.

We’ll drive down the road a couple of miles tomorrow as we gather at the Little Red Church for Sunday fellowship. We’re excited to get some more time with our families before they head out tomorrow. We want to make Sunday special.

Michael Anne and Parks after the shaving creme fight
The Doyle girls perched on the bed of the pickup truck at Cookout
Parks, Pam, and Michael Anne enjoying cookout
Henry was all smile at the Critter Pond.

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Camp is looking green and plush as we welcome our Family Campers!

Family Camp Starts Today!

Friday, May 30th 2014

We are overjoyed with the upcoming arrival of nearly 30 families! Camp is looking really good and we are ready to have some major fun come rain or shine. Our staff has really been getting after it to make sure Camp looks great. I am really proud of our counselors; we spent from about 8am to 9pm yesterday getting cabins, buildings, and grounds ready.

It has been raining this morning, but the sunshine is always shining at Camp Huawni. We want let all our Family Camp families know that rain or shine, we’re planning for a fun-filled weekend. Staff is working hard this morning to make sure that happens.

Barrett sports the new Camp Huawni tank.

We also will be opening up the Critter Pond this afternoon; our hope is to give you and your family ample time at water activities all weekend.

Checking In/Parking

Because of possible rain, we’re going to try and make parking and check-in extra easy. Families, you’ll be parking in visitor parking as well as along the white rock road. Staff will be there to guide you. You’ll want to turn right just off the rock road so that your trunk faces the rock road for easy loading/unloading. After you unload your luggage in your cabin, head to the Dining Hall (the big brown metal building on the hill) to check in and visit the Camp Store (a.k.a. The Trading Post). The store will be open today.

Need last minute directions? Go here.

We will see you soon!

Jessica and crew scrubbed and cleaned bathhouses yesterday to make them extra clean for our families.
Huawni Pines, Camp's disc golf course, is ready for play this weekend.
Juanse & Will get horseshoes and washers up and going for Family Camp.

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Our college staff began their water-safety certification this morning with a 300 yard swim!

Camp Update #3 Rain & Staff Training

Tuesday, May 27th 2014

Staff training is underway! Yesterday we officially launched our college staff training. It’s fun to watch the energy level rise here at camp as staff begins to arrive. You can feel it in the air, and everything we do becomes a little more magnetic.

I led off our first session yesterday titled “The DNA of Huawni”. Most of my talked centered around the question “What’s The Greatest Act of Love Done To You?” We talked about how those moments all require time. I referenced a surprise mentor dinner that my brothe Austin organized for me just before Mandi and I got married. He spent a lot of time coordinating that dinner, getting about 15 of my best friends and mentors to Fort Worth on a week night. I shared how, ultimately, campers want our undivided time and attention, and the way we will love campers above and beyond this summer is with our time.

The staff huddled for a picture after running to save the pool for Family Camp (they covered it with a tarp, as we're waiting for the final plaster).

We did more hands on training in the afternoon, and then it began to rain just before dinner. In fact, Camp is sure green right now, which we love. Last night my brother Austin gave a talked on “The Secret of Huawni.” Austin shared about how special the camp experience is, and how the love we experience at Camp is an expression of God’s love for us. He shared his personal story; it was very heartfelt and refreshing.

Staff was up early this morning at 6:45am to eat a quick breakfast and head to water-safety training. Water safety at camp is one of the most important trainings we do, and this year we’re getting our entire college staff water-safety certified. This is one of the big things we do to keep your kids safe in the water this summer.

Counselors tread water for 2 minutes straight as part of their water-safety certification.

Tonight we’ll do more training, and barring rain, we’ll have our first staff sing song by the pool.

The other big thing we’re preparing for this week is Family Camp! We have nearly 30 families coming to Huawni for a fun-filled weekend. We are excited to see each of you and we’re already making plans to make this the best family camp yet.

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Family Camp At Camp Huawni

Tuesday, January 29th 2013

My Family Camp Story

Family: The Zack Family
Hometown: Frisco, TX
Yrs at Family Camp: 1

Before Family Camp

We wanted to come to family camp to simply check it out, make sure it was safe and secure, and verify that the counselors were nice and responsible before sending Kelly to overnight summer camp. Camp Huawni was recommended to us by Lauren Liles, a former counselor and now parent of a camper. We had visited the website. With Lauren’s recommendation we knew Camp Huawni’s kids camp was going to be great, but as parents we wanted to see for ourselves. We were all just looking at the website and Kelly said, “I can’t wait to go, I want to stay the whole summer!”

Our Family Camp Experience

I did not know what to expect…to tell the truth I found it a little more rustic than I thought, but hey, for 48 hours you can do anything! And 48 hours of rustic was worth seeing the excitement Kelly had about cane pole fishing, hiking, watermelon fights, and riding on the back of a big tractor and trailer. I enjoyed the storytelling and the Little Red Church, which is my favorite church in the whole world. By Saturday evening, I should have gone up on the porch, socialized, and rocked in the chairs, but I was so tired from all the fun! I look forward to doing that this year! My favorite part was that the area was just so open, and I just wanted to run across that field! I loved that there was no technology, nothing to overstimulate us. This was the perfect experience before Kelly went to stay at Huawni in their regular kids camp sessions.

After Family Camp

Camp Huawni is very special to my family because we feel our entire camp experience with family camp and Kelly attending 3 weeks of overnight summer camp helped our family turn a corner. We turned a corner in a journey of living with Ray being post-stroke with a severe speech disability. Now I have to say that our overall benefit of family camp was that Ray and I had time together and Kelly was able to go out on her own and make some fabulous friends and mentors.

Why I Recommend Family Camp!

Part of the reason to attend family camp again is the warm, happy, make you smile feelings we get just thinking about Camp Huawni. I know this year, Kelly will probably play counselor to her father and I and guide us around telling us how and what to do. I have to say that the people play a big part of these feelings as well; the Adams family make you feel like you are part of their family. The counselors are some of the most polite, genuine people I have met. There is just an overall feeling of serenity here. For families looking for a camp, you can’t beat the warmth and serenity of Camp Huawni to connect with your spouse, child, and other families. I say this with the sincerest heart!

Sign Up For Family Camp!

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Jenny has been coming to camp since she was 8 and hopes to be on staff one day.

The moment we have all been waiting for is here…

Saturday, June 2nd 2012

…Camp Huawni 2012! Family Camp is in full swing, and everyone here is having a blast! Last night we did a little fishing, and it turns out that our friends in the initiation pond are still there, ready and waiting to be caught by campers all summer long! Today is packed with activities from dawn until dusk, with canoes, critter, the new and improved archery and so much more going on around camp! Family camp might be almost over, but summer at Huawni is just beginning! So if you want to be a part of the #BestSummerCampEver this summer, head on over to https://huawni.campintouch.com/v2/camper/application/app0.aspx and sign up today! Spots are filling up fast, but you won’t want to miss out on the fun- we promise. I’m off to eat some of Mrs. Ada’s FRIIIIIIIIED CHICKEN, but keep on the lookout for more glimpses into camp this summer from me!


Alex Lange

P.S. For all you Instagram fans, we now have a campstagram! So be sure to follow @camp_huawni and see what we are up to in the Pineywoods!

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