BPE had their fair share of laughs today!

Sweet Moments at the Summer Tree

Friday, July 5th 2019

Today all of Camp grabbed their lawn chairs & water bottles to meet under the Summer Tree to share our hearts with one another, share memories and laughs from the past 2 weeks, and show our appreciation for our Camp friends & counselors. Before we commenced this tradition that began in the 90s, we read The Summer Tree Poem.

I was birthed in the days of the Indians
So my summers number more
Than the youthful eyes who gather
Neath my boughs to share their lore

I yearn to send my wisdom down
So innocence is spared
But innocence and wisdom
Together found are rare

So I’ll offer just a moment
When truth is uttered here
By those who stand beneath my limbs
And share with others dear

No false word can be spoken
As time is frozen still
To ‘neath here another day
To remember, to embrace until

The hearts are made to laugh again
And say the thoughts they feel
A dream come true, a special time
No other place so real

My listening limbs do cover
These youthful souls so free
To cradle for time, the friendships born
I am the summer tree

Lily Pad spent some time nervously giggling before showing their appreciation for Camp!

Here are some of the things your Campers said today:

“Keep coming back to Camp, this is the most special place.” -Maddie M.

“I never feel like I’m at work here, work is lame. You guys are so much fun.” -Mason G., Counselor

“Thank you to all of Camp Huawni for making these the best 9 years ever.” -Addison S.

“I want to thank Joseph F. for being my Camp best friend.” -Cole W.

“Camp is my favorite place to be, I look forward all year to being here.” -Callie C.

“Shout out to Kolton, the best counselor ever.” -Caden D.

“My favorite part about being Cedar Ridge’s counselor was watching y’all bond over the past two weeks.” -Ali S., Counselor

“I’ve been here for 11 years and one thing I’ve never seen change is LTK, (Love the Kids!) Shout out to the staff for doing that so well.” -Logan T.

“I want to shout out my sister Elliot for always taking care of me at Camp.” -Tucker T.

I want to shout out Betsy & Sara Kate... you two are the best counselors. -Piper M.
Many today showered our last year Campers with appreciation for the great role models they have been during their time at Camp.

Between Lily Pad giggling over who would talk first & Berry Patch East passing around sunglasses when one started tearing up, the morning was full of reminiscing sweet moments of Camp. From a Staff perspective, Summer Tree is a great reminder of why we do what we do. Sometimes the days are longer than the line for the Critter, but hearing all of Camp express their gratitude for one another reminds us why we come back summer after summer.

Closing Day

The past two weeks have flown by, & I can’t believe we will be opening the gates once again for you all to come & pick up your Campers! They’re going to be a little more tan, a lot more tired, & full of stories from their adventures over the past 2 weeks. Just a reminder, the gates will open at 9AM & Closing Ceremony will begin in the Dining Hall at 10AM. We can’t wait to see y’all tomorrow!

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