Slow Moments at Camp

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

It is always funny to me that the first morning of a new session, all the kids are up and going at 6:30 am! Campers are excited about everything that Camp has to offer.. and Camp has a lot to offer! Summer Camp has always been a great place for campers to reset for the upcoming year. Being at an overnight camp, Campers have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Whether they have had a tough year or it went off without a hitch, Campers get here & wake up early, (really early) because they know that they are going to get to have the most fun. Everything is as good as it gets.

Best way to relax & get some quality time with your friends? Hammocks!

Day two is here, and Campers are a little slower to waking up. We pack a lot into a day, which is why Tuesday night is so important. We get to slow things down again with some Fishing, s’mores, and Sing Song. Oh and I forgot to mention.. swallowing worms!!! Why is the ebb and flow of camp designed this way? To get kids in a place to have some simple fun, but also slow down and have meaningful conversations with other campers and staff. They’re not distracted by their phones or Netflix- they’re unplugged & focused on what and who is around them.

After Supper time is a great slow, unscheduled time at Camp! Many Campers will grab a ball & a glove & throw across the Front Lawn.

As the culture around us pushes us to go fast, sometimes we have to just slow down, sit by a fire, eat a s’more, sing some songs, and have great convos with great people. That way we can rest up for the days ahead!

Tuesday Night's are perfect for grabbing a cane pole instead of a phone!

What are your favorite slow moments at Camp?


  1. Fishing on a Tuesday night, Truckride & Cookout, Sunday church, Sunday Hikes & Watermelon, Summer Tree, After supper free time, Walks & Runs down the camp road — 3:13pm July 10th

    by Michael Anne

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