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Rain Rain Go Away...

Tuesday, July 2nd 2019

Wiffle Ball was in full swing tonight but so was some bad weather. This has not been the first nor will it be the last rainy days here at camp. Despite the bad weather that we have had this summer it has been so encouraging to see the camper and staff roll with the punches.

Flexibility, when things change, can be a great skill for kids to learn. Seeing the positive in a given change and making the most of it! This summer we have had a spur of the moment dance party, sing-song in the rain (just for a little while), slip ’n slide in the rain, and some pretty jam-packed nights of wiffleball and water balloon fight.

I know for my kids when plans change they have a hard time because a lot of times they had expectations of how things would play out. Learning how to deal with change and understanding when things don’t always work out just right it can still be a great experience!

Through it all, I have seen campers jump in and make the most out of a wet and wild summer full of RAIN! Plan B can sometimes be as fun and just as memorable as plan A was.

Most of today was spent enjoying the sunshine & doing activities- here are some pictures from the day!

Despite all the spur of the moment changes, Staff are doing a great job at taking care of your kiddos!
Everyone is loving our new H-Pond inflatables, including Abigail B. &
Sand volleyball + (mostly) sunny days = perfect Tuesday at Camp!

What are some of your rainy day memories at Camp?

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