Pat, Linda, Kara, Dana, and Lesa at one of Pat's favorite spots...the pool!

Pat & Linda Adams Receive Golden Pine Cone Award

Tuesday, July 9th 2019

With gratitude we honor Pat and Linda Adams as recipients of the Golden Pine Cone Award. This award is bestowed upon Huawni Tribe Members who have put others above themselves in order to promote the greater good, the Tribe. The pine cone embodies this award as it dies for the purpose of future and lasting growth. One of Pat Adams’s greatest gifts to the Huawni Family is his laugh. Not only does his laugh make you laugh, but you immediately feel cared for and at home the first time you hear it. Pat loves making people feel good, even if he can’t quite hear what you said and he responds like he did. Pat is very thoughtful and caring, as he would encourage folks at Camp in all kinds of ways. He still sends his three daughters (Kara, Dana, and Lesa) thoughtful texts on a regular basis. Before texts existed, Pat would send thoughtful messages at Camp through his laugh, smile, hugs, and genuine care for people. Pat brought the love of parasailing to Huawni, as he and David McGinnis piloted the activity by trying to land in the pool. Camp benefited over the years from Pat’s green thumb and love for the outdoors (and snakes). Whether it was mowing on the tractor, working in his garden, cleaning the pool, shooting a feature Huawni Film (Pat starred as the lead role of course), or riding bikes into the Snake Pond, Pat loved being outside with his friends. In fact, anything Pat was doing with Rusty Marshall, Gary Patterson, David McGinnis, Tutor Carrol, Fred Jackson or his brother Mike, it was sure to be fun. Pat had and has such a genuine and humble respect and love for other people, and it was infinitely felt at Huawni over the years. Pat accredits that to Kyle Fields, who taught Pat that you respect your fellow man no matter how different they are from yourself. Pat’s respect and love for people was infectious at Huawni. Pat devoted nearly five decades of his life to Camp Huawni to ensure that Mimi and Daddy Earl Adams’ dream continued. Pat’s love for God and his family are what matter most to Pat, and his legacy of love, devotion, respect, fun, and laughter vibrantly continue today. Pat will always be remembered for saying, ‘Never lose the kid inside.” Linda Mims Adams is a humble servant who dedicated much of her life to Camp Huawni. Linda was a counselor and owner and cared for the Huawni Family like it was her own. She gave of herself and learned diligently under the wings of Retha “Mimi” Adams, her mother-in-law and co-founder of Camp Huawni. Linda made sure that everyone was well fed, she was often found cleaning and tyding up all of camp, and she was a talented arts and craft teacher. Linda would spend hours preparing first-year camper certificates using her gift of calligraphy. Linda’s love for Pat was evident with how much she poured into and supported Camp. Linda was all about serving and teaching others, and she certainly did so for her daughters Kara, Dana and Lesa. She gave the girls swimming lessons at the Camp Pool before the girls were of camper age. Linda worked hard to give her girls the best life possible, which included taking care of her girls at Camp. Linda was also passionate about teaching, which she did year-round for many years. Linda played a key role in continuing the Huawni Legacy. Linda embodied her utmost beliefs to love God and love family, not to sweat the small stuff, be a friend to everyone, and do things with excellence. Pat and Linda’s legacy in many ways is their family and passing on a legacy of love through their daughters Kara, Dana and Lesa, son in laws Matt, Sean, and Steve, and grandchildren Grant, Ty, Chase, Logan, Evan Kaye and Faye Eddie. We will forever be grateful of how God used Pat and Linda Adams to plant seeds of growth at Camp Huawni.

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