Our 2018 Summer Staff!

Hats Off to Summer Staff

Tuesday, September 25th 2018

While the Summer has technically already ended, it’s all we’ve been thinking about in the office. Summer consumes us twelve months out of the year. We plan, plan and plan some more to guarantee that each Summer is better than the one prior for our Campers. Ordering food, improving activities and building new facilities are just a few ways we ensure that Camp runs smoothly. But the key piece to the Summer Camp puzzle is our Summer Staff.

The Staff volleyball tournament is a longtime tradition during Orientation.

From the moment they drove through the Camp gates on May 22nd, we knew that Summer 2018 was going to be memorable. The energy that this group of college students brought was unmatched. They meshed well from the beginning, genuinely had fun together and were eager to experience what a Summer full of campers was going to bring. Most of all, they were bought in to Huawni’s mission; kids discovering their true significance and purpose.

Opening Day is always fun for our Staff!

It’s easy to overlook the job that these incredible young people do every Summer. It’s even easier to forget that these students give up their Summer’s to love, serve and pour into our campers. Selflessly turning down internships, study abroad trips and time at home with family and friends to pour themselves out in the unforgiving Texas heat in order to make at least one child’s experience unforgettable.

So Summer 2018 Staff, THANK YOU. Thank you for tirelessly giving everything you had inside of you. From Staff Meeting at 7:20am to Midnight Snack at 10:30pm. From the Volleyball Tournament during Orientation to Staff Celebration Dinner on July 28th. You loved your campers and each other well.

Here’s to you, Summer 2018 Staff! We love you, we miss you and we’re unbelievably thankful for the individuals that you are.

- Alex Perez, Women’s Director

Do you know a college student that would be a good fit for our Summer 2019 Staff? Send them over to www.camphuawni.com/apply


  1. Our son will be returning for his 4th summer in 2019 and it is due to the fantastic counselors that you hire. The relationships that he is able to build with his counselors in 2 weeks are what he treasures the most. Thank you!! — 1:39pm September 26th

    by Danielle Arnett

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