Camp is looking green and plush as we welcome our Family Campers!

Family Camp Starts Today!

Friday, May 30th 2014

We are overjoyed with the upcoming arrival of nearly 30 families! Camp is looking really good and we are ready to have some major fun come rain or shine. Our staff has really been getting after it to make sure Camp looks great. I am really proud of our counselors; we spent from about 8am to 9pm yesterday getting cabins, buildings, and grounds ready.

It has been raining this morning, but the sunshine is always shining at Camp Huawni. We want let all our Family Camp families know that rain or shine, we’re planning for a fun-filled weekend. Staff is working hard this morning to make sure that happens.

Barrett sports the new Camp Huawni tank.

We also will be opening up the Critter Pond this afternoon; our hope is to give you and your family ample time at water activities all weekend.

Checking In/Parking

Because of possible rain, we’re going to try and make parking and check-in extra easy. Families, you’ll be parking in visitor parking as well as along the white rock road. Staff will be there to guide you. You’ll want to turn right just off the rock road so that your trunk faces the rock road for easy loading/unloading. After you unload your luggage in your cabin, head to the Dining Hall (the big brown metal building on the hill) to check in and visit the Camp Store (a.k.a. The Trading Post). The store will be open today.

Need last minute directions? Go here.

We will see you soon!

Jessica and crew scrubbed and cleaned bathhouses yesterday to make them extra clean for our families.
Huawni Pines, Camp's disc golf course, is ready for play this weekend.
Juanse & Will get horseshoes and washers up and going for Family Camp.

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