Camper Scavenger Hunt

Friday, November 30th 2018

A big tradition at our summer camp for girls and boys over the years used to be the famous, famous, MOST FAMOUS Huawni Scavenger Hunt. On the last full day of Camp, we would gather at Flag Pole Hill and receive clues. Each cabin would get clues based upon the number of inspections they passed throughout the session. Campers would have to scavenge camp to find the clues and then put the words or phrases together to complete the larger paragraph. Once a cabin got an exact match, they then won a pizza party.

We haven’t had the scavenger hunt in a while, mostly due to the fact that summer camp for girls and boys under the age of 7 mixed with a scavenger hunt loses it’s luster in about 5 minutes! But today we are bringing back the Scavenger Hunt to all our Huawni Campers out there! This one, you can do from home…right now!

Whoever completes this Scavenger Hunt at home and posts their answers below will be entered to win our new Huawni Critter Shirt! On your mark, get set, SCAVENGE!

Huawni Scavenger Hunt!

1. Name your favorite Camp Song and Camp Tradition.

2. Vote on a new camp activity. Choices are: a. Inflatable at Huawni Pond b. Revival of Old Huawni Frisbee Golf Course on Campus c. New Bike Trails

3. There are 8 clues on the Huawni Instagram Story. Find these clues and then organize them into the following categories: Tradition, Huawni Lingo, Night Activities, Cabins

4. You are unique….one-of-a-kind throughout history! We call this uniqueness your true significance. List one thing that makes you unique.

5. For bonus points, post your answers on Instagram using the handle @camphuawni!

REMEMBER…you must post your answers below, in this blog, to be entered to win your new Camp Critter SWAG!


  1. 1. My favorite camp song is Wild Woman. My favorite camp tradition is Uprising. 2. I vote for a new inflatable at the camp pond. 3. Code White is lingo. Fried chicken is tradition. Play Day is tradition. Fishing is a night activity and tradition. Celebration is night activity and tradition. Cane Break is a cabin. Famous famous is camp lingo. Lily Pad is a cabin. 4. I am unique because I am energetic. That is helpful when I need energy to get things done. — 5:07pm December 1st

    by Andrew Hammer

  2. 1) Summer, Summer Tree 2)Inflatable at HPond 3) Tradition: Playday, Fried Chicken Lingo: Code White, Famous, famous, most famous Night Activities: Celebration, Fishing Cabins: Lily Pad, Cane Break 4) I am always happy no matter what! 5) check out @elizabethannepalmer in a second — 9:14pm November 30th

    by EA Palmer

  3. Fav song: Long Black Vail Fav tradition: sing song a. inflatable in H Pond Tradition: fried chicken, playday Lingo: code white, famous famous most famous Night activity: fishing, celebration Cabin: cane brake, lily pad Unique: i have double jointed elbows! — 8:23pm November 30th

    by Avery Malone

  4. 1. Summer and Initation Night 2. c. New Bike Trails 3. Tradition- fried chicken and play day Huawni Lingo- code white and famous famous MOST FAMOUS Night Activities- fishing and celebration Cabins- cane break and lilly pad 4. One thing that makes me unique is my hair color. — 6:37pm November 30th

    by Claire Drummond

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