On Tuesday morning we got a chance to serve the woman we all love, Ms. Ada!

Camp Update #4 Ms. Ada's House, Orientation & The Pool

Thursday, June 5th 2014

This week has been fast paced, and boy have we covered a lot of ground.

Tuesday of this week was extra special. This past spring our directors gathered together to revamp our orientation for staff. Two big things came from it. First, we wanted to make Orientation as experiential as possible. We are big believers in learning by doing, so we set up our staff orientation schedule around these types of learning experiences. Secondly, we wanted to live out, even before Camp, the things we say we believe in. We were hoping to find some type of project where we could serve someone, together, as a family. It didn’t take long before we realized that a golden opportunity was right in front of us. We wanted to serve Ms. Ada, our veteran master chef of the camp kitchen. So, Pete and Pam put together a plan to fix up her house and yard, and on Tuesday morning we got to serve her. We’re uploading a video today; I hope to have it up soon to show you the extent of the project. Ms. Ada was, as she said, “happy, happy, happy”. It was a huge blessing to all the staff, and a day that I’ll never forget.

As far as Huawni Orientation goes, things are picking up steam. Early this week our college staff participated in an early round of Tribal Competition. All of our first-year counselors were inducted onto their respective tribes, and it didn’t take long for them to jump right in.

Karley gets a key hit in the counselor Wiffleball World Series warm up series.
Cullen looks over his staff Tribal Competition roster as staff get an early jump on Tribal Competition preparation.

There’s more good news— the pool renovation project is nearly finished! We just need about two more feet of water, and it will be open for the summer. I’d like to thank Linda and Luke Prior for seeing this project through and getting it done before Camp. We had an extremely wet spring, which put off the renovation on multiple occasions. The pool was completely remodeled, as we put in new sand, repiped everything, replaced the old concrete patio, retiled, and re-plastered the whole thing. We even put in three palets of new bermuda.

The pool is completely renovated and nearly full!

An finally, there’s only 3 days left until Opening Day! We are so excited to see our Session 1 campers; I’m sure you campers are already packing up and getting your cars decorated for the big day. And parents, don’t forget to follow this blog so that you can get instant updates once your child is at Camp. You can do so by clicking on the “Subscribe via email” button on our NEWS/Blog page.

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