Camp Lineage Plays a Big Role

Monday, December 10th 2018

At Camp Huawni, we love building rich relationships with our friends and having fun while doing so. Some of our best friends come from spending Summers at sleep away camp. As we get to make new friends and grow relationships with one another year after year, why wouldn’t we want to share that with someone else?

Each of us are at Camp, in one way or another, because of someone who shared Camp with us and brought us along for the ride. The same can be said for many things in our lives as well. As I thought about this very fact over the past week, I couldn’t help but think about my own Camp lineage and who it was that started my journey to Camp.

My story started with one of my best friends who had worked at Camp the summer before our freshman year of college. He was the first person to talk with me about Camp and introduced me to the Directors which then lead to me being at camp in 2015. He was invited to work at Camp by a girl that he had gone to high school with the year prior. And it was that girl’s mom who was a Huawni Counselor back in the day. How crazy is it that if it weren’t for that girl’s mom being on Staff, I might not be at Camp today?

Essentially, I am a fourth generation Huawni tribe member because of her. Although I am in no way related to her, she indirectly brought me into the Tribe and my life is now changed because of it. In the same way, you have the power to start your own lineage. Others could look back in history down the road and say to themselves: “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for _____.” Not only will your name be written in cabins for years to come, but your lineage could carry on for even more.

So as we enter into this holiday season and a time of giving to others. Why not give someone else insight into what you do during the summer? Better yet, invite them to join you. It might just end up being the greatest gift they have ever been given.

How did you end up at Huawni? Comment below and let us know!


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