Camp Christmas Trivia!

Wednesday, December 19th 2018

Merry Christmas Camp Huawni!! Only 3 days until Christmas is here! I hope you enjoy quality time with family and friends over the next few weeks.

Gift giving is a big deal during the Christmas season (obviously!). So why exactly do we give gifts and how does this relate to Huawni? Well, our desire is for all of our campers and staff to leave our gates knowing their true significance and purpose. As a follower of Jesus, I believe that true significance and purpose is found in knowing and being known by Jesus. He made us unique…one of a kind throughout history. And, Jesus was the ultimate gift…coming to earth so that we could experience freedom, unconditional love and grace. Grace means getting all that we don’t deserve (the very, very best) and not getting what we do deserve! It’s truly a gift that we can’t earn. We just receive it. Pretty cool huh?

Speaking of gifts, we thought it would be fun here at the Camp home office to do a little Christmas Trivia! This one involves your directors and what they want for Christmas.

Here’s the rules:

1. Use the reply section below the blog to input your answers.
2. Each picture represents a director’s top gift wish. Match each gift with the name of your directors (Billy, Alex, TJ, Tim, Lauren, and Travis).
3. Finally, share your #1 gift wish is this Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and have fun!


Whose list is this gift on?
Whose list is this gift on?
Whose list is this gift on?
Whose list is this gift on?
Whose list is this gift on?
Whose list is this gift on?

What are you gonna say?

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