5 Songs to Mix in With Your Christmas Playlist

Monday, December 3rd 2018

It is finally December, which means that the Christmas season is upon us! We have been working on our Christmas playlists for months (but really, ask our Women’s Director, Alex), and it is finally time to put them on repeat. However excited we are for the most wonderful time of the year, this change in the season has us missing the other most wonderful time of the year – Summer! Being a Summer camp in East Texas, we thrive on days when school is out, the air is warm, and we have nothing but unstructured play and fun lined up.

We are now going on 5 months post-Camp, the air is getting cooler, and we are reaching for a warm pair of socks instead of Chaco’s. With the temperature dropping, we are missing seeing the Front Lawn covered in warm sunshine and campers running around. Huawni is a Summer camp for kids, and we love the chaos that the summer brings. If we close our eyes while listening to these songs, we can pretend we are in the Dining Hall, eating Miss Ada’s cooking, and the hum of conversation is filling our ears. So, if you are is missing summer camp as much as we are, pause your Christmas playlist and listen to these 5 songs that remind us of Camp!

1. On the Dark Side // John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
*Grab a metal folding chair and stand up!
2. Forever // Chris Brown
*We have a Code White, people!
3. I Still Do // Reckless Kelly
*Famous, Famous, MOST FAMOUS… SING SONG!
4. Stockholm Syndrome // One Direction
*Dance party, anyone?
5. Chicken Train // The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

What is your go to song to listen to when you miss Camp? We want to know!

Merry Christmas,

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