Camp is raising 50 scholarships for 50 children as we celebrate our 50th year.

50 for 50 Campaign

What’s the 50 for 50 Campaign? Watch this short video.

Full Details on the 50 for 50 (Packet)

With Camp Huawni celebrating its 50th summer, our target is to raise scholarships (a.k.a. camperships) for 50 children in need, or $125,000. We’re calling it “50 for 50”. The need for camperships continues to rise, and the 50 for 50 Campaign is a great way to make Camp Huawni your mission field of investing in the next generation. The 50 for 50 Campaign is a tax-deductible gift.

Fundraising Goal Given Thus Far Amount Needed To Reach Goal
$125,000 $61,572 $63428

Ready to invest in the next generation?

Be sure and type in Camp Huawni 50 for 50 Campaign under the box that reads please indicate the camp name for this camper scholarship donation.

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Want To Mail A Check?

That’s fine too. Please cut a check made out to “ACA Camp Huawni Campership Program” and mail it to:

P.O. Box 1863
Center, TX 75935

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