One of the Full Time team's favorite traditions is opening the gates on Opening Day in the Jeep.

Meet The Team

Ok, so here’s the thing…our Directors are just as cool as our counselors and cannot wait to hang out with you. Being called a “Director” at Huawni is a big deal, mostly because we’ve been blessed with so many amazing leaders, like the famous David McGinnis, Fred Jackson, Chris Watlington, and Rob Payne. We like to say “we’re standing on the shoulders of those who’ve come before us,” meaning that our job is to serve you and serve our counselors until we’re blue in the face.

Our family has been running Camp Huawni since Daddy Earl turned his dream into reality in 1965. We take great pride in making sure your Camp Huawni experience continues to get better and better every summer. Meet our Full Time Team!

Travis & Mandi Adams


Travis has spent 28 summers at Camp Huawni. Travis is the grandson of Earl and Retha Adams, Founders of Camp Huawni. Travis is married to the love of his life, Mandi, and together they have two sons, Barrett “Bear” Clark Adams and John Brooks Adams. Travis graduated from Texas Christian University in 2003 with a degree in Finance and a minor in Communication. Travis received his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business in 2009. Mandi received her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication at Texas A&M University and recently completed her graduate degree with a Masters in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Travis and Mandi both have a bent for raising up the next generation.

Camp Huawni was established in 1965 and is still owned and operated by the founding Adams family.

Billy Martin

Men’s Staff Director

Billy Martin grew up in Seattle, Washington and is a natural born leader. Billy leads by example and is one of the most dedicated leaders to seeing Huawni’s vision through. Billy has been a Huawni Senior Counselor for two summers, is the charter member of the Legacy Development Program, and will soon be a graduate of Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado. Billy has been heavily involved with Young Life over the years and his greatest trait is his teachability.

Alex Perez

Women’s Staff Director

Alex’s journey at Huawni started as a camper in 2003, which is when her love for summer camp also began. In 2012, Alex was hired as a counselor and spent five more summers on staff, including as an Assistant Director and Marketing Intern. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Alex spent a year working for Pine Cove Summer Camps. Alex is passionate about creating an environment that allows people to freely discover who they were designed to be and investing in the lives of others in the midst of the fun and chaos that summer camp provides.

We'll Call You! One of our directors will be happy to give you a call

Kelsey Biscoe

Kelsey is passionate about kids and has a deep love for Camp Huawni. Kelsey has been at Camp Huawni for 10 years, 2 as a counselor, and 2 as an Assistant Director. Kelsey is eager and excited to walk alongside our staff and love them where they are while also challenging them to grow and develop their strengths. Kelsey’s number one passion in life is to mentor multiple generations of women; she is ready to pursue that passion at Camp Huawni. Kelsey graduated from East Texas Baptist University in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a double minor in Accounting and Management. Kelsey also graduated from Pine Cove’s Forge Program in 2015.

Vanessa Lopez

Family Liasion

After her first summer at Camp Huawni in 2017, Vanessa was thrilled to continue working throughout the year. Vanessa’s specialty is helping our camp families in any way by answering questions and making the enrollment process as seamless as possible. Vanessa graduated from Panola College in 2015 with an Associate of Arts degree, and will graduate in December 2018 with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Her love for children and her ability to communicate well with parents has made her an amazing fit for the job. Vanessa hopes to be a part of the Huawni family for many years to come.

Ms. Ada Earl

Head Cook & Queen of the Dining Hall

Other than fried chicken, Ms. Ada is famous for dancing at meals!

Miss Ada might soon be your favorite person at Camp. Ada’s favorite ingredient is “love,” and we’re still trying to figure out how she serves it to you with every summer meal. She has a servant’s heart and is such a blessing to all of Camp. If there’s just one reason for you to go to Camp, it’s to eat Miss Ada’s famous, famous, most famous fried chicken served the first evening at Camp. Your friends who already go to Camp crave it year round! We only get it once a session, but it sure is hard to forget.

Michael Anne Pritchard

Camp Counsel

Price, Parks and Michael Anne are a big part of camp!

Michael Anne, the granddaughter of Earl and Retha Adams, grew up at Camp Huawni and serves diligently as camp’s attorney and alumni association advisor. Michael Anne has an amazing servant’s heart, and you’ll see her helping out many times on opening and closing day. Michael Anne is happily married to Price Pritchard and they have a future camper, Parks, who is quite popular at Camp. Michael Anne graduated from Texas Christian University in 2001 and received her law degree from Baylor Law School.

Mike & Pam Adams

Founding Family

Mike and Pam met at Camp Huawni in 1972 and have spent every summer together since!

Pam is your official Camp mom. Pam Adams fell in love at Camp and married owner Mike Adams back in 1976. Pam sets the pace for what it means to serve and literally does it all – cooking your birthday cakes, running errands, and pouring her wisdom into the Huawni Staff on a regular basis. She’s fun loving, loves Huawni tradition and kids’ camping, and makes sure you get the BEST selection of healthy-fresh foods during meals. You can find Pam taking jogs down the camp road and often listening intently to you about how your day went. Pam epitomizes Mark 9:35, which says, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” This will be Pam’s 40th summer at Camp Huawni, and she’s still in love with the husband and Camp she fell in love with so many years ago. She’ll soon be your summer camp mom too!

Mike is the one person at Camp you hope to have a conversation with. He’s the veteran on campus and leading Sing Songs, Truck Rides, and Sunday Hike are just a few of his favorite past times. Mike has been an integral part of making Huawni the special safe haven summer camp that it is today, and he’s a huge servant and advocate for the entire Huawni family. Mike is hoping to see you this summer so he can meet the one and only you!

The Pat Adams Family

Founding Family

Pat and Linda's family has played a vital role in carrying on the Huawni Tradition.

Pat and Linda Adams have invested their lives into Camp Huawni, and over the years, have carried on the legacy that is Camp Huawni. Pat was a director for over 25 years and Linda played a huge role in serving camp over that same time period. Pat and Linda continue to support Huawni in various ways, and Pat is a member of the 50th Anniversary Pow Wow Committee. Pat is most famously known for his gainers off the diving board, driving the jeep during parasailing, and his life-giving laughter. Pat and Linda have three beautiful daughters— Kara, Dana, and Lesa, all of whom were campers and directors. Kara married Matt Gregory, and both served as directors in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Kara and Matt now have two soon-to-be boy campers, Grant and Ty. Dana married her TCU football sweetheart, Sean Stilley, and both are active supporters of the Camp Huawni Alumni Association (CHAA). Dana and Sean have two future campers as well, Chase and Logan. Lesa married Steve Abney, who she met at Huawni. Lesa and Steve have a daughter, Evan Kaye, and both Steve and Lesa continue to valiantly support Huawni through the CHAA.

Heard enough about the directors? Check out the history of Huawni.

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