Huawni tradition dates back to the Huawni Indians, a small Cherokee Tribe that lived on land in and around Huawni's campus. Counselors from the 70's keep their Huawni tradition alive as they dress for Initiation.

Huawni History

In 1965, Earl Adams, or “Daddy Earl” as you’ll soon know him, strolled down a school hallway and said to himself, “Hmmm…I wish my students could experience something where they weren’t so tied down – a place where they truly could be themselves.” So, he cut some logs, built a few cabins, dug a huge hole for a swimming pool…and his kids camp, Camp Huawni, was born.

It Sure Is A Funky Word For A Kids’ Camp

Here’s a cool fact: the name “Huawni” comes from a small Cherokee Indian tribe that at one time called the camp land their home. In fact, you can even trek through the Pineywoods past the Pinson Creek and see two original Huawni Indian ceremonial mounds.

What Is The Huawni Magic?

Over the years, kids just like you have caught the “Huawni magic,” a fancy term for having the summer of your life – so special that it’s nearly impossible to explain.

The Huawni kids camp experience provides you with a unique bond – an experience shared by numerous others who have spent summers at Huawni, including National Football League coaches, songwriters, college athletes, business people, and even actors (like Matthew McConaughey).

A Select Few

As a special way to commemorate your time at Huawni, you will be given custom jewelry, personally designed by James Avery, after years 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Only those in the Huawni Tribe are allowed to wear it. No one else…

James Avery has been exclusively making custom Camp Huawni jewelry since the 1970’s.

As you move up in the tribe your jewelry shows off your dedication.

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Parents, Here’s Your Very Own Section

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