Dominique (8 yrs at camp), Lauren (4 yrs), and Mandi (5 yrs) fly high, palms up on the Critter (aka blob)!

All About Huawni

Camp Huawni is THE summer camp of all summer camps in Texas that you will hate leaving. For over half a century, Camp Huawni has specialized in youth development and good ‘ole fashion fun. In 1965, founder Earl Adams, known around here as Daddy Earl, turned his life-long dream of starting a kids camp into a reality. As a life-long educator, Daddy Earl noticed that kids, just like you, weren’t experiencing fully the joys of “just being a kid” in the structured environment of a K-12 school. So, with some pine planks, a hammer, and a hill-top view once scattered with sugar cane, Camp Huawni was born. Now, three generations later, the Adams Family continues to pour into the next generation.

Counselors You Want Your Kids to Grow Up and Be Like

So what keeps your friends coming back to Huawni like a Krispy-Kreme donut? Other than the fact that we’re experts at fun, we provide an electrified environment for friendships to flourish, and we do it with over-the-top counselors. Just think – you have this cool, college-aged older sister or brother who actually bugs you to play with them. That’s really how it is, and they love you just like you are…you don’t have to pretend to be popular or someone you’re not.

Our application process is so selective that in 2015 only 28% of our new counselor applicants were hired onto the Huawni Counseling Staff.

So why are our Huawni Counselors so dad-gum great? They love what they do (loving your kids), and they’ve been training all their lives.

Our 3 Word Mission

Our mission is to LTK, or love the kids. We define love as accepting where one currently is and fighting for who one is truly. So how do we share the love with you? It’s a simple yet an all too diminishing commodity – our time.

Note to parents: With our 3:1 camper-to-counselor ratio (View our 2015 Camper to Counselor Ratio Report Here), we not only are able to LTK with your most trusted counselors, but we’re able to give your child undivided time and attention. Of all the summer camps in Texas, we work extra hard at giving away our time.

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Our Beliefs Are In The Graham Crackers

At Camp Huawni, our beliefs are about as ingrained in our people as a Hershey’s chocolate and mallow are in a graham cracker.

We believe that:

How Long Do I Get To Play?

Campers come to Camp Huawni anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks, with most coming a minimum of two weeks. Camper ages are K-11 (Kindergarten through Juniors in High School).

Tell Me About The 50+ Activities

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